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5 Instagram Accounts Every Guy Should Follow

Time for a feed refresh? If you’re bored of seeing the same content each day, maybe it’s time to venture outside your friendship circle and follow some new accounts.

Whatever rocks your boat, there’s an Instagram account to match it. Travel? Food? Something that makes you laugh? Being the self-acclaimed Insta pros that we are, we’ve sniffed out 5 Instagram accounts that we think every guy should follow (or give an extensive scroll at the very least).



A healthy portion of food and travel, get all your eats and go-to content in one place. Mouthwatering dishes and destinations that make you want to jump into the picture, London’s James has it all. There’s weird food (octopus burger, anyone?) and wonderful food (pizza en masse), and his photography is out of this world. This is a follow for sure.


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Depop Drama is for anyone who likes a lighthearted laugh. All about the messaging side of the selling and buying app Depop, this account takes real-life screenshots of the most absurd messages and shares them with their 165K + followers. Genuinely funny and incredibly stupid, you don’t have to be on Depop to appreciate this madness.

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If you’re a fan of snacks (who isn’t?), Snack My Bitch Up is the account for you. Reviewing all kinds of snacks straight off the shelf – think mango/grape hybrids, marmite peanuts butter and household names in all their weird, new flavours – these guys have it all sorted out. No longer do you have to take the snack risk (is it nice, isn’t it?) – Snack My Bitch Up have done the hard work for you. They even rate everything out of 10, just to be clear.


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We don’t think anybody could look at this home and not want to live in it. We first came across this account after following homeowner and Instagram Traveller Alex Strohl for a while. While he (and partner Andrea Dabene) started building their new house, The Nooq in the middle of beautiful nowhere, they decided to document the process. And thank god they did. Boy, it’s nice.


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Outfit inspo, tattoo inspo and travel inspo, Jimmy Launay showcases it all. When he’s not posting pictures of him and David Beckham, Jimmy showcases his very cool-vibe life of motorbikes, fashion and adventure. Perfect for the modern man, this is an Instagram account that has a bit of everything.


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