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5 Of The Most Iconic Jeans Of All Time

If we don’t learn about our past, how can we ever determine our future. An extremely pompous quote that should be hung above a bed like a Live, Laugh, Love sign, but when applied to something like denim, it becomes a little less contrived compared to talking about something like the collapse of the Roman Empire. So we’re looking back through the ages to analyse the evolution of denim through various subcultures in an effort to steal inspiration from the greatest jeans to ever grace our legs, so we never have to live through flares or nu-metal jeans ever again.



Although most jeans are worn down to the pub these days, they were originally intended to be worn as durable workwear during manual labour by Levi’s Strauss in 1873. So next time you think you’ve had a hard day formatting Excel formulas in your selvedge, be thankful you haven’t been wrangling cattle in denim. Flat white stains over manure any day.


Whoever thought that showing socks off would be one of the strongest and easiest looks of the 21st century? As well as Paul Newman just chilling on set, we have American preppy boys to thank for this, who wore their slim jeans high with penny loafers and varsity jackets.


Apart from your parents making sly remarks about you falling over and ripping your jeans, this is a flawless look with a bags of attitudes. Bursting through into the mainstream through the likes of the Sex Pistols wearing DIY designs by Vivienne Westwood, the ripped and raw look is as strong now as it was at the time of the release of Never Mind The Bollocks.


It was a lot harder to achieve the skinny jean look in the ’60s than it is today. It wasn’t as simple as walking into a shop and copping a pair, you had to soak them in cold water for hours then wear them wet for that sprayed on look. Imagine catching pneumonia from wet denim? All sorts of embarrassing. Never the less, rockers clad in leather jackets looked fantastic in their shrunken jeans, water rash or not.


Hear us out. You might have a few negative preconceptions about ’90s style, but it wasn’t all neon tracksuits and bucket hats. Some of the streetwear inspired looks are actually pretty decent (with a bit of tweaking, of course). Think patchworking and loose fits rather than diamond earrings and spiky fringes and you’ve nailed it.

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