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5 Boxing Workouts To Do Until You Get Back In The Gym

For anyone that loves their boxing, being kept out of the gym during lockdown has no doubt been a challenge. We’ve grabbed some expert tips on boxing workouts you can do while you wait to get back.

We’ve teamed up with Vescoe Blake, qualified boxing coach & PT, who has provided us with his much-needed expertise.

Vescoe: If you, like many, get bored with ‘typical’ workouts and jogging around the local park, boxing is a great way to add variation and work on muscles you probably never knew you had. I’m here to take you through a few boxing orientated exercises that will have you burning calories even after you’ve finished the workout.


1. Shadow Boxing

(3 x 2/3 minute rounds)

Shadow boxing is fundamental to warming up the body and practising your technique. If you want to add excitement and challenge, try these 3 rounds:

Round 1: The freestyle round. Practise your technique including your head and feet movements.

Round 2: Visualise you’re in the ring with Mike Tyson; he hits hard and he wants to get close to apply relentless pressure. For this round, work on straight arm punches and move around instead of standing in a stationary spot. Keep your head moving and your hands up for when he’s throwing his punches back. For the last 20 seconds, throw unlimited power shots as hard and as fast as you can in attempt to knock Iron Mike out and score that TKO victory.

Round 3: For round 3, imagine you have a heavy bag in front of you which you’re going to hit as hard as you can. Throw combinations of 2-6 punches then change your punching position to go again. NO SINGLE PUNCHES ALLOWED!


2. Weighted Punches

You’ll need 2 equally weighted items (this could be small weights, water bottles, cans or whatever you can find at home). I call this ‘exercise 300’, as you’ll be doing 3 punch variations 100 times each.

Punch 1: First up are uppercuts. Weights in hand, drop your height by bending your knees and punching upwards.

Punch 2: The next variation is straight punches – horizontally forward with palms facing down. After each punch, make sure you bring your hands back to your chin. Repeat.

Punch 3: The final punch variation is punching up at a 45-60 degree angle. Again, bring your hands back to your chin after each punch.


'Creed II' Film - 2018


3. Skipping

(3 x 2/3 minute rounds)

Don’t worry if you’re tight on space or don’t have a skipping rope – these exercises can be done by imitating the skipping rope action. Try out these 4 skipping variations:

1. Normal skipping, intensifying the speed every 10/20 seconds.

2. High knees skipping, bringing each knee right up each time.

3. Alternate hops – hop on 1 leg for 10 seconds and then change to the other leg.


4. The Stamina Burst

(3 x 2/3 minute rounds)

Jog on the spot and punch at the same time for 2/3 minutes. Every 15 seconds, switch it up and go as fast as you can for:


5. Explosive Power Exercises

The last exercise is a mix of 3 exercises working varying muscle groups. Each exercise is to be completed for 30 seconds for 3 rounds.

Exercise 1: Jump squats with a two-punch left, right combination in the squat position.

Exercise 2: Sit-ups followed by the same punch combination above.

Exercise 3: The press-up ladder: 2 press-ups followed by 2 punches, 3 press-ups followed by 3 punches and so on until you get to 10.


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