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5 Ab Workouts You Can Do Between Zoom Calls

Getting a little cabin fevery? Being limited to one run a day and no gym sessions is a tough proposition for those who are used to regular workouts. With summer creeping up on us, the outdoors is beckoning but until then we need to make do with the indoors. 

When you’re working on the abs, you can usually get away with little-to-no equipment and if you don’t have an at-home gym, floor space is where the magic happens. Steal five to 10 minutes every other day and when all this is done, it’ll be like you never even took time off. As a bonus, you can even build a TOPMAN workout outfit for under £20!


10 Minutes With Fraser Wilson

A full abdominal focus with no equipment and no weight. Some pretty intense music here but you can watch it muted (or turned down) and follow exactly what he does as it happens in real time. The comments on this one celebrate quick results in not-too-long a time period.


10 Minutes, Standing Workout

Haven’t hoovered in a while? We got you. No need to lie down so there’s much less strain on the neck and it’s an opportunity to practice keeping the core engaged which is obviously key to all ab exercises.



10 Minutes For Beginners

A mixture of fat-burning and strength-building that is specifically designed for beginners. Some key exercises here that inform more advanced workouts so that your form is fine-tuned and you start from a solid base.


7 Minutes, 6 Pack “Guaranteed”

His words, not ours. The only piece of equipment used here is a medicine ball but if you don’t have one of those, follow the motions without one or use a large filled water bottle or heavy backpack.



5 Minutes To a Sick Pack, Advanced

This one is super hard but it’s balanced by the fact that it’s only five minutes. Getting through all five minutes (let alone one) will be tricky but diffcult and challenging is what you’re after, trust us.




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