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4 High Intensity Workouts That Will Get You Fit From Home

It doesn’t matter if you can’t make it to the gym or just don’t like gyms in the first place – you can get into great shape without ever stepping inside one. With the help of ultra-fit personal trainer Lawrence Price, a.k.a Instagram sensation @fafitsake, we’ve pulled together four exercises that will help you burn fat and build muscle, all from the comfort of your front room. 

Simply lean forward into the wall supporting your bodyweight with both hands and move your feet back so that you have achieved a 45 degree angle to the wall. Keeping a straight back and strong lower leg support start to alternate a knee drive from the hip and slowly break into a steady jog. Once you have established a good rhythm that is accurate for for a 20 second sprint of the same movement – they key is to keep your form and accuracy whilst the intensity increases. This is a great exercise on its own and also a great way of improving your sprinting efficiency!

High Intensity Wall Sprints


These are a great exercise to work behind the leg at the hamstrings and glutes whilst also improving individual leg stability. Simply balance on one leg and flex forward at the hip (not the waist) until you have reached the end of your hamstring range. Then slowly come back up whilst tightening your core and glutes…although this exercise is to be performed slowly with control the intensity comes from the required focus and time under tension of the working muscles!

Set up in press up position and start to drive the knees forward towards the elbows in an alternating fashion. Once you have performed 10 reps on each side keep one leg up by the hand and then use the hand closest to the hand to open up the chest and reach towards the ceiling in a rotational movement pausing for a second before coming back down and repeating on the other side. Repeat the rotation for 5 reps on each side before going back into the regular mountain climbers, repeat 3 times before resting.

Mountain climbers with integrated rotation


So you don’t actually need a boxing bag for this one, think shadow boxing at speed as a way to get some high intensity work into your upper body! Simply adopt a boxing stance that feels comfortable and start to slowly punch forward and straight whilst gently pivoting on the balls of your feet and keeping your core tight. Once you have established a good rhythm that is accurate go for a 30 second sprint of the same movement…boxing bag or no bag this is tough! then slow it down again for 30 seconds active recovery before repeating 5 times!

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