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4 Fitness Accessories To Aid Your At-Home Workouts

Are at-home workouts your new go-to? We think these 4 fitness accessories might just make your workouts that little bit easier…

From a fitness tracker to a phone case that sticks to walls allowing you to work out hands-free (oh yes, this is now a thing), take a look at our 4 recommended fitness accessories to help you get even closer to your goals.


1. The Geko Case

If you’ve been doing home workouts from your phone or tablet, you’ll know the struggle of trying to prop up your device for efficient visibility all too well. That’s where the Geko case comes in. New to the market (and very welcomed, too), the Geko Case is the new hands-free hero we all need. Created for all phone models and designed with nano-suction technology, the case sticks your device to almost any surface, meaning you can crack on with your workouts without the added hassle. Whether you’re following an online workout or using your device as your HIIT timer, the Geko Case eliminates the stress and allows you to focus on you.

And, just in case you wondered (get it?), the functions don’t stop there. Getting ready for a night out, cooking, recording videos (hello, Tik Tok), watching Netflix in bed, FaceTiming friends or going to the actual gym – the Geko Case is your answer to it all. You’re welcome.

Head over to the Geko website now.



2. The Myzone Belt

The ultimate fitness tracker in a way you’ve never seen before, this exciting bit of tech has changed the way we work out for good. Myzone is a wireless belt that uses a heart rate system to monitor physical activity, calories and effort. It keeps all of your data on a trackable app (super easy to use) so that you can refer back to it at any given time. The more you work out, the higher you rank.

Used in leading gyms and professionals across the world (like those classes that have your heart rates on the screen), Myzone lets you know how hard you’re actually working vs how hard you think you are. Whether you’re doing a class at your local gym, going for a swim or even out walking the dogs, Myzone is there to fill you with motivation and boost your fitness levels. Check out our Q&A with Myzone here.

Take a closer look on the Myzone website.


3. MyProtein

If you feel like your workouts could be helped with a protein and/or energy boost, look no further than MyProtein. Tried and tested, we’ve found them to be our no.1 brand for effectiveness and taste (and trust us when we say you want your protein to taste good).

MyProtein’s range is extensive; whether you’re looking for protein powder, snacks, bars, drinks or spreads, they’ve got something for everything (with a top vegan range, too!). If you’re after specific product recommendations, we love the Layered bars (you have to try the Birthday Cake flavour!), the Baked Cookies (vegan and normal), the Carb Crusher (the Fudge Brownie flavour is great) and the Sandwich Cookies (put these in the microwave for 15 seconds… SO good).

If you’re new to the protein scene, MyProtein suggests consuming either before or after a workout – whatever works best for you. There are plenty more tips, Q&As and nutritional facts on their website. Browse away!

Check out the MyProtein website here.



4. The HONOR Band 5 Fitness Tracker

If you’re on the lookout for an attractive fitness tracker that’s effective and cost-friendly – the HONOR Band 5 comfortably ticks all the boxes! We hate the idea of completing a workout with no idea how much we’ve achieved, so if you’re a bit of a stat nerd (like us), you’ll be well into this. Compatible with your smartphone, this lightweight fitness tracker, worn on the wrist, is like having your very own personal trainer.

With its curved glass screen (very cool), the Band 5 allows you to track your heart rate no matter what the workout – running, swimming, cycling, weight training – whatever! It’s also kitted with a SpO2 Monitor – an oxygen tracker that shows how your body is adapting to different workout situations or altitudes. The best part? These bands are only £29.99. We told you it was good…

Check out the HONOR Band 5 here.





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