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4 Best Dressed New Musicians You Need to Know About

We know it’s all about the sound, but when we go for a burger we want it to look like a burger, not a steaming turd. So we’ve rounded up the best new artists around that not only make phenomenal tunes, but also dress like they mean business.

This melodic five piece from Manchester give modern indie a psychedelic twist with their catchy synth driven pop hooks. And as well as sounding and looking great, they’ve got the MANCHESTAAAA attitude and mouth, following in the footsteps of the Smiths, Stone Roses and Oasis: ““We want to be as mainstream as Will Smith, as great as the Smiths and as uplifting as Mr Smith Goes to Washington.”

Listen to: Blown Rose


Underneath all that hair lies a soulful, lyrically brilliant, beaten acoustic playing lad from Ealing, who was creating industry buzz after releasing one Garage Band track he made in his bedroom. We feel a James Bay kinda situation going on here, so check him out in an intimate venue soon before he’s catapulted into Radio 1 stardom and becomes bezzies with Bieber.

Listen to: Last Words

Isaac Gracie

Yep, just the first name, like Cher or Seal. But he’s a bit weirder than both combined with his efforts to bring back 90s Britpop with his Damon Albarn-esque monotone vocals, whirring catchy pop and neon clothing. Oh, and he genuinely studied sculpture at St Martin’s college, which to our knowledge is the first time someone has studied a degree ironically.

Listen to: Sometimes


Hip hop collides with punk here, like if Death Grips had a baby with Black Flag. It’s loud, it’s aggressive, and most importantly, bloody brilliant. With song titles like ‘Cum Rag’ and ‘Da Blue Nigga From Hellboy’, how could they possibly be bad? Check them out live for full effect (they’ll be at this year’s Download festival), but be warned: expect an unholy amount of vomit, blood and nudity.

Listen to: Casey Jones/Cum Rag


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