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30 Christmas Gifts for him, her and them

This Christmas, we’re focused on finding you the best gifts to give to him, her and them. Long gone are the days of gifting a pair of socks and a lump of coal, so look no further for inspiration than our top 30 Christmas gifts of 2018.

Gifts For Him, Topman

1. Clinique For Men

Fresh up and fix up with the Clinique For Men range. Who said skincare routines aren’t for men too? No matter what skin type (oily, dry, combination – yes, these are all things), Clinique has a product for it all. Want to know how they perform before you gift this to yourself or someone else? We put a few products to the test.

How we do it:

Start with the Face Scrub to clear the face of dead skin and dirt. We’d suggest doing this in the shower to avoid the inevitable soaking-bathroom-floor scenario. Give the face and beard a decent scrub (avoiding the eye area) and wash off. The menthol in the scrub will leave give the face that cool, fresh feeling whilst the fully dissolving scrub (no messy beads that are bad for the environment… or your plug) leaves the face smooth and matte.

Next, use the Oil Control Face Wash. Again, we like to do this in the shower to minimise splash-age. Wash the face and beard all over to give for an oil-free (or reduced) day.

The Oil Control Mattifying Moisturizer comes after. This is a non-greasy formula that caps off the scrub and wash. It’s lightweight to wear a little goes a long way.

Finish off with the Super Energizer™ Anti-Fatigue Depuffing Eye Gel. Designed to roll on under the eyes, this handy little thing has become one of our top grooming products. No, it won’t eliminate your dark puffy eyes in one clean strike, but it does significantly brighten and cool down the area making us feel more awake… and we’ll take what we can get.

Clinique for Men is the ideal gift for those guys who want (or should) to get into skincare, or simply for any guy who are hard to buy for. In fact, all these products work just as well for women, too!

2. Topman socks

Christmassy or not, no festive season is complete without the gift of socks. We’ve got socks to suit every guy, from our signature Tube socks to our 3 for £8 phenomenon. You can buy individual pairs or multipacks, patterned or plain. Go nuts.

3. Coats and Jackets because Christmas is blo*dy cold

Hardly news, is it? This Christmas, treat the guys in your life to a new coat or jacket so they can fight the freeze. We’ve got leathers, puffers, overcoats and, well, pretty much every style for every guy. Ranging over an accessible price range (with free personal shopping advice in selected stores), how wrong can you go?

4. Topman Grooming

Did somebody say stocking fillers? Course they did. We’ve got Eau de Toilettes, Body Washes and Body Sprays in our signature scents. Perhaps one for the younger guys this Christmas (whether they’d like to smell fresh or need to smell fresher), shop our grooming for easy gifting.

5. Calvin Klein boxers never go a miss

Did you know that we stock brands, too? Selected Homme, Tommy Hilfiger and Calvin Klein are just a few. No guy has ever said no to some crisp new Calvin’s, so, make your gift a certified pass with our underwear options online and in store.

6. Winter accessories 

The gifts that no guys tend to buy themselves, winter accessories are a Christmas must. Whether it’s a new scarf to complement that coat they’ve been banging on about or a pair of gloves they’re insisting they don’t really need, we’ve got you – and them – covered.

Don’t forget: If you’re unsure on which gift to give, why not purchase a Gift Card instead?

7. Feel luxurious with Philips

And because we all know a guy who deserves to be spoilt, we’ve included our must-have grooming tool of the year. The Philips Shaver series 3000 with Pop-up Trimmer has it all. Shave your beard (in the shower or in front of the mirror), trim your beard or shape your style with complete ease and comfort. Partner your Philips Shaver with your favourite shaving foam and off you go. Performance check? See how Topman got on.

“The first time using the Shaver Series 3000 was, we must admit, a little daunting. It’s quite big and fairly heavy (not too heavy, but obviously more weighty than your disposable razor) and it looks pretty mechanical. Don’t be scared off by this – we quickly realised this tool is so simple to use. We’ve tested it in the shower and out. We prefer it in front of the mirror, purely for visibility reasons, but it works great both ways.

This Philips Shaver is packed with a few notable features, but our favourite is the 4-direction flex head mechanism. Designed to follow the flow of your face’s contours, the three blades work together to give an easy shave without having to pull any of those stupid faces for results.”

8. Wallets and Cardholders

Small gift, big impact. If anyone you know is lucky enough to still have money left after the Christmas period is over, small gifts are the obvious way to go. Wallets and Cardholders are men’s staples; all guys need them. Ours, all made of 100% leather, are affordable and timeless; they’ll never tire.

9. Trevor Sorbie Mg Male Grooming

The Mg Male Grooming range from Trevor Sorbie boasts a selection of varied products targetting different needs. Our favourite? The Men’s Thickening Caffeine Shampoo formulated to thicken, volumise and add a healthy shine to men’s hair. The kind of gift you want to get for the hair-conscious guy, this shampoo, made with caffeine (to stimulate the scalp and add body to promote thicker hair) and ginseng (giving healthier, stronger hair), is affordable and salon – and Topman – approved. How did we get on?

“It goes without saying that these things take time; we weren’t expecting to have a miracle growth moment. What we did get, however, was a fuller, more voluminous look after just one wash, and that’s enough for us. The Shampoo made our hair feel clean, healthy and pretty shiny, so we’ll keep on going with it and see how it grows.

Our other Trevor Sorbie product well worth nothing is the Mg Male Grooming Moulding Mud. With a medium hold and low shine, this is the everyday product that can style any hair into perfection. Giving texture and definition, we found this mud not greasy, clumpy or sticky but smooth and effortless.”

10. Gentleman, Givenchy

Because no Christmas would be complete without a signature aftershave. If you’re willing to splash the cash (and really, at £66, you’re not splashing too much), then Givenchy Gentleman should be your obvious choice. It’s designer, it’s affordable and it’s real, real good.

Playing around with an earthy, slightly fruity and partially woody scent, this aftershave is our must for any guy who’s out to impress this Christmas. Available in Eau de Toilette and Eau de Parfum editions in both 50ml and 100ml, unleash the Gentleman this festive season.


Gifts For Her, Topman


1. Papier comes personalised

Shopping for the girl in your life? Whether it’s your sister, your mum, your grandmother or your partner, Papier have brought it home for Christmas. Make every gift meaningful with the Papier personalisation feature, perfect for the planners, the writers and the thinkers. Papier’s personalised range covers notebooks to notecards and diaries to photobooks in a whole plethora of designs to suit anyone’s aesthetic. Easy to create, delivered quickly in perfect condition and with top quality checked, Papier has quickly risen to the top of our gifting radar.

Worth noting: Papier now has a Christmas Disney range available – not something you want to miss this gifting season.

2. Parcel for Christmas

Where do you shop when you have no idea where to shop? Parcel London, that’s where. This online grotto has it all, right at the convenience of your fingertips.

Parcel London has made this year’s Christmas gifting easier than ever. Doing all the hard work for you, reap the rewards of great gifting with minimal effort. How does it work? First, pick your own parcel (gift box), then choose what goes in it from the selected range of gifts on the website. This means you can make the parcel as expensive or inexpensive as you please, packed with bits and bobs that truly reflect your giftee.

If you’re looking for a gift that’s a little less harsh on the funds, you can always opt for one of the Parcel London Love Letters. Have your own photographs printed, send bars of chocolate and even little gifts like necklaces to your loved ones, near or far, all packed into an artsy envelope ready to be received in just 2-3 days.

Parcel London is a shopping destination you simply can’t miss out on.

3. Topshop Jewellery

The one gifting category that you can never skip out on at Christmas is jewellery. But who said it had to cost you a mortgage to please the accessory-enthusiast in your life? If you’re looking for some girly gifting inspiration, head over to Topshop where you can view their Gift Guide with products covering all price ranges.

4. Topshop Nightwear 

Whether it’s a Christmas Eve tradition or an I-know-she’s-had-her-eyes-on-those-for-a-while situation, Topshop boasts an extensive range of pyjamas, nightwear and lingerie that all girls are after. From Satin Lace Teddy’s and matching underwear sets (including the oh-so-sought-after Calvin Klein options) to fluffy dressing gowns and Disney pyjamas picks, this year, give all your girls the gift of a cosy Christmas.

If you’re not sure what size or style to gift, why not give a Gift Card and let them decide?

5. Topshop Beauty

The rumours are true, Topshop beauty is back (and better than ever). With a whole re-design, Topshop beauty has re-imaged the entire range, from the everyday staples to the makeup heroes. Even the packaging has had an upgrade. Visit the Topshop Beauty page to explore the collection and glam up your Christmas gifts. Don’t forget, if you’re a student, take 10% off everything Topshop.

6. The gift of great hair with SACHAJUAN

You may not have heard the name SACHAJUAN before, but you’ve heard it now. SACHAJUAN is one of the leading salons and hair brands, dedicated to creating top class products that are sold across the world. An ideal gifting option for the hair-obsessed, SACHAJUAN creates shampoos, conditioners and multiple hair products with their Ocean Silk Technology. We got the Topman girls to put some products to the test and see what the results did for them.

“I’ve always known about SACHAJUAN but I’ve always opted for the cheaper drugstore options instead. I tried out the Hair Repair Collection to see if it made a difference to my usual shampoos. It did. I only wash my hair a few times a week (all girls will be able to relate), and ever since, I’ve been monitoring the condition of my hair. For me, the sign of a good shampoo is the way it leaves my hair feeling once just rinsed it out. If it’s smooth, it’s good. If my hair is left feeling almost gritty, I’m not a fan. SACAHJUAN leaves my hair feeling better every time and the ends are noticeably less damaged. Sure, it’s a bit pricey but healthy good hair comes at a cost. I’d definitely recommend.”

7. Trevor Sorbie Fixes

It’s true: Different hair products give different results. That’s why we’re also highlighting some hair products designed for the curly haired girls (or guys) in your life. Trever Sorbie (a store and salon) have graced curls all over the country with their Tame and Define collection made up of a shampoo, a conditioner and Curl creams in two varied strengths. Let’s see what our Topshop girls had to say.

“Any girls with curly hair will understand the frustration of it always being frizzy and unruly. I was genuinely so surprised at how refined my curls were after washing my hair just once. I use the light hold curl cream when my hair is still wet and that gives my curls an all-day lift. Oh, and it smells really good, too. If I was gifted these for Christmas, I’d be chuffed.”

8. Topshop Accessories

Bags, scarves, purses, hair accessories – you name it, Topshop has it. Whether it’s a new hero bag or a couple of stocking fillers, Topshop’s trend-driven accessories are the gifts that keep on giving. Feeling uninspired? Why not ask the girl in your life to make a wish-list of her favourite items?

9. GHD and its new limited collection

If we’re sure about any gifts this Christmas, it’s GHD that we’re certain about. As the leading hair styling professionals for countless years, GHD is a must for every female – or male – who takes care of their hair. Having just released their new Christmas Glacial Blue Limited Edition range (and with extensive staple products to choose from), GHD gifts are destined to give you plenty of brownie points.

Take a look at their website for some gifting directions and guides to the best straighteners, curlers, hair dryers and more to get behind.

10. A cleaner Christmas with Philips

Last, but by no means least, we’re back with Philips. We’ve covered what to buy him, but what about Philips gifting for her? Our choice: The VisaPure Advanced Facial Cleansing Brush. This is a gift we’d recommend for the skin-conscious or the avid make-up wearers. Here’s what the Topman girls thought.

“Sure, it’s not the cheapest way of cleaning my face, but for me, this has been the most effective. I partner mine up with my favourite face wash and it removes my make-up so quickly. I also use it even if I haven’t been wearing any. It pretty much doubles up as an exfoliator and it comes with massaging tools too… fancy.”


Gifts For Them, Topman


1. The Topman Dressing Gown

Even though we’re believers that Christmas should not be the excuse to get your hands on a new dressing gown, this festive season, we’re all about getting everyone equally involved (and cosy) with the gown trend. At Topman, we’re prepping for the long, dark winter nights with our new dressing gowns in navy and rich burgundy. Fancy going one gifting step further? We do onesies in the same colours, too.

2. Topshop Dressing Gowns

So we might be cheating spot number 2 a little, but women need dressing gowns as well. Topshop has a whole load of gowns from hooded wonders to fur animal print designs. This Christmas, why not gift them dressing gowns to lose themselves during their stay-at-home nights in. Matching slippers wouldn’t go amiss, either.

3. Mmm, Mulled Cider

Not that there’s anything wrong with mulled wine (at all), but have you ever tried mulled cider? If not, you’re in for an absolute treat. Follow this link to learn the Christmas cocktails recipes that we’re raving about, including the Cranes Mulled Cider and the Cranes Mulled Cocktail.

Mulled or not, you can indulge on Cranes Cider whenever you fancy this Christmas. Their key flavours of Cranberries & Limes, Blueberries & Apples and Raspberries & Pomegranates are game changes to the Cider world. Sure, they’re not the most traditional ciders ever, but why not break the tradition cycle this Christmas? We’re loving these Cranes ciders poured over ice and topped off with frozen berries. Fancy gifting them this year? Be sure to opt for the Cider Gift Set for all three flavours and a Cranes glass.

For something a little stronger, watch out for the Cranes Cranberry and Blood Orange Liqueur. Recipe for a Cranes cocktail with this magic ingredient this way.

Over 18’s only, sorry kids.

4. Make your mark with Makers Mark (XMAS EDITION)

Nothing brings home Christmas quite like a glass of whisky on ice in front of the fire (if you’re over 18, of course). For this guide, we’ve gone on a hunt to bring you our favourite whisky. Naturally, we couldn’t settle for one, so here are two (see gift 5 for more whisky goodness).

The Makers Mark Bourbon Whisky Christmas 2018 edition, available on Amazon, is the ultimate winter warmer. Not only does it warm you from the inside, but this year, the outside is just as cosy with the limited edition winter jumper (for the bottle, not for you… unfortunately). Made in Kentucky, this whisky boasts a smooth, dark and ever so slightly sweet taste that whisky connoisseurs will love. Perfect as a gift for whisky enthusiasts (try your grandad first), this gift will go further than Christmas day. It’s a big thumbs up from us.

Fan of Old Fashions? Find the Makers Mark cocktail recipe here.

5. Bow down to Bowmore

Our second whisky of choice is Bowmore 12 Year old, available from The Whisky Exchange. This Single Malt Scotch Whisky made it to our top 10 due to its fiery heart and attractive price. Aged for 12 years (as the name suggests), this whisky packs a flavoursome punch with highlights of tropical fruit and smoke. We suggest adding a few drops of water to enjoy this bottle (or poured over a big ice cube will do). We also suggest opening it on a colder than cold day with family around you to share the buzz… or not. Give the gift of great whisky this Christmas!

6. 31 Dover does it again

31 Dover is our go-to site for every drink we could ever imagine (and every drink accessory, too). The central hub for seasonal inspiration, 31 Dover is an endless store for countless amounts of gifting. We’ve had a little browse and picked out our Christmas favourites.

First is the Chase Oak Ages Sloe & Mulberry Gin. Since gin is the number one trending drink of the year (in our humble opinion), we thought, what better way to see 2018 off? What we love about this gin is the sweet, fresh taste you get – not quite as sweet as Pink Gin which, for some, is a good thing. Pair it up with some tonic or lemonade to please the family this Christmas. Want to make an even better impression? Why not gift the family with handmade ‘Sloegroni’ with the addition of Campari and Rose Vermouth. Check out the recipe here.

Second, comes the Spiced Mocha Liqueur from Dark Matter. Coffee flavoured alcohol has never tasted better. Use this festive twist to make an exciting new Espresso Martini this Christmas, or pour it over ice and drink it on the rocks as your morning coffee substitute (only kidding… kinda). Whether you’re buying it for yourself or for a coffee lover – naughty or nice – this wonderous creation ticks all of the festive boxes.

Opt for a gift box to make it even more gifty!

Again, this is 18+ only.

7. The gift of good scents with Tom Daxon

Tom Daxon. Have you heard the name? Well, now you have, and it’s one well worth remembering. We sat down with Tom to have a little chat about the rise of his cologne kingdom and the birth of his new (delicious) creation, Midnight Saffron.

Midnight Saffron, a unisex scent by Tom Daxon, is an Eau de Parfum you can gift anyone. With notes of saffron at the height of the fragrance and lavender, jasmine and suede at the base, this is a deep, moody and attractive scent that complements the Christmas season. Worn with your eveningwear, this invisible accessory is one that won’t be missed. Whilst you’re here, take a look at the rest of his collection, too.

Topman: What Makes fragrance such a good gift?

Tom Daxon: Fragrances are so personal. It offers the opportunity for them to wear it for many years to come, creating lots of memories that come hand in hand with scent.

Topman: What are your top tips for wearing a fragrance?

Tom Daxon: Longevity and tenacity. You want a fragrance that lasts a long time with a small amount of spray. If you fail to smell it on yourself then it’s because you’ve become accustomed. Don’t compensate by spraying too much, like rocket fuel. When spraying, avoid applying it too low down the wrists – this will only get washed off.

8. Bean Bag Bazaar is the gift you never knew you needed

We will knock anyone down who claims bean bags are for kids. We mean it – these are the gifts you never knew you needed. The inspiration for this gift came from our Snug – the little cove of peace we have hidden away at Arcadia HQ. In the Snug, we have plenty of bean bags, and not small ones, either. They’re HUGE. They’re amazing. We figured, do adults even realise how fantastic bean bags actually are?

Bean Bag Bazaar do. They see that bean bags are the incredible addition to any living room or chilling space. However, in recognition of the need for bean bags to remain aesthetically pleasing in order to fit into adulthood, they’ve gone above and beyond any bean bag expectation. Introducing the Bean Bag Bazaar Giant beans bags.

They have faux fur bean bags, velvet bean bags and (our favourite) cord bean bags (plus many more). We checked out the Giant Two-Seater bean bag to see how much we’d really love it. A lot, it turns out. First impression? It’s literally ENORMOUS. Bigger than any picture can possibly portray. Lasting impression? We use it every single day. In fact, we opt for the bean bag over the sofa. Plus, with thanks to the plush fabric, it looks just as good in the living room as any other piece of furniture. This is the gift you need to get this Christmas.

9. Beer, from a tap, in MY HOME? Enter The SUB

It’s like all Christmas wishes have come true with this super gift. The SUB is a draught beer device that enables you to pour pints from the comforts of your own home – does it get better than that? You buy the SUB, you buy the torps (like kegs) and away you go. Available in full size or compact with plenty of designs to choose from (including the signature Heineken edition), this is a gift that will get you more than brownie points this Christmas.

How does it work? Once plugged in, The SUB cools the beer down to 2°C and keeps it fresh for 15 days… not that it would ever take that long to drink the torps dry (yum). The torps (featuring beers from across the world) are easy to buy and get shipped to you quickly. Sports Sundays, dinner with friends or even house parties will never be the same again with this handy tap.

The SUB will make an incredible addition to every Christmas, so make sure you get in there quick!

Click here to see how Tom Holland does it.

10. Experience Christmas with Virgin Experiences

Last, but by no means least, we’ve chosen Virgin Experience Days as one of our top 10 gifts to buy them this Christmas. Why? Because there are no limits to the gifts you can get. Virgin Experience Days is the answer to all of those what-can-I-possibly-buy-someone-who-has-everything types. Give them the gift of memories that stick with them long after Christmas is over. If you head over to their website, you might notice there are more than a few experiences to choose from. Let us give you a hand with our favourites right now.

First, for the foodies, is the Six Course Michelin-Starred Tasting Dinner with Champagne for Two at Angler Restaurant (try saying that after a few). This restaurant has some of the best reviews in London, and with a breathtaking view (and Champagne) it makes for the most wonderful Christmas memory to gift to a loved one. Head over to the Angler website to take a further look.

Our other top choice is the Cocktails for Two at London’s Iconic Gherkin. Situated on floor 40, the Iris Bar waits for you with cocktails in hand and views at the ready. To make this Virgin Experience Day extra Christmassy, go in the evening to soak in all of London’s festive lights. If you can, stay for more than one to make the most of the cityscape themed cocktail menu that erupts with incredible, fresh and expert flavours.

Whatever you opt for, be it food-based or adventure seeking, all Virgin experiences have an extensive use-by date for your gifts to be valid for whenever suits your giftee.






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