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3 Outfits That Cover Every Bank Holiday Plan

What are your plans for this bank holiday? While we may not be spending it as we hoped, we can still find joy in the smaller things like Zoom quizzing with our mates or spending time to simply unwind.

Whatever it is you’ve got planned, you can trust us to find the right outfit for you. Casual outfits for Saturdays on the sofa or some outerwear for a spot of Sunday gardening (yes, repotting your house plants does count as gardening), these are the three bank holiday looks that’ll cover you for everything.


Casual outfits made for the sofa

You may have once felt guilty for spending a whole day in front of the TV with your two mates Ben and Jerry, but not anymore. And, if this is how you’re planning on spending the bank holiday, you may as well look top while doing it. Get rid of all that hole-ridden loungewear that keeps scaring your Amazon delivery man, and get yourself a brand spanking new set.



Something to wear when you step outside

Pottering around your garden, repotting your favourite house plants (we love a house plant) or braving a trip to big Tescos, if you’re stepping outside (sensibly) this bank holiday, this is the look we’ve picked for you. We’re optimists, you see, so we’re holding up for some good weather with a pair of shorts. That being said, the realist in us has thrown in a jumper… just in case.



Smarter attire for Zoom

Zoom, aka the new but not improved Wetherspoons, has become our go-to for social occasions. Use this bank holiday as your chance to dress up smart. For those of you who may have forgotten, ‘smart’ is where you put on nice clothes and look pretty nice in them. Ps. we asked Joe Exotic if he approved of this shirt. We couldn’t quite make out his answer, but we did hear a lot of grumbling about someone called Carole?





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