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3 Iconic Films That Will Up Your Winter Style Game

What if we told you watching Netflix could make you better dressed?

The Trend: City Sports
The Film: Green Street
Key Pieces: Tracksuit tops, macs, joggers
Why You Should Watch It: 1980s football hooligan style is on trend. There’s something a bit perverse about playing dress up as some of England’s most violent criminals but unless you actually plan on letting off flares in stadiums or throwing bottles of suspect liquid at people for wearing the wrong colour shirt we guess it’s fine.

Green Street is a solid choice for a bit of style inspiration if you’re planning on giving this trend a go, especially the wardrobe of Charlie Hunnam’s character, Pete. Although Hunnam delivers the worst cockney accent this side of Dick Van Dyke, his looks are on point – with his beige mac and tracksuit top combo being a particular favourite.

The Trend: Youth Clash
The Film: The Warriors
Key Pieces: Printed shirts, bandanas
Why You Should Watch It: Cult classic ‘The Warriors’ is not what you’d describe as a great film. It’s not even a particularly good one. But Walter Hill’s film about an embattled street gang fighting their way home through a hostile New York is dripping with style. From Barry De Vorzon’s brilliant theme song to the excellent costumes, everything in The Warriors is just impossibly cool, making it worth the watch just for the style inspiration alone.

The trend this is going to give you a bit of a leg up on is what we’ve been calling ‘Youth Clash’ in the office, but is really just a combining of every subculture you can think of into one unified look and it’s the most important look in AW17. The Warriors’, with its disparate gangs dressing up in everything from printed shirts to leather waistcoats to denim overalls is full of ideas for taking elements from different trends and times and making them your own.

The Trend: 1990s
The Film: Kids
Key Pieces: Band shirts, anything skate-y
Why You Should Watch It: Larry Clark and Harmony Korrine’s classic coming-of-age film is one of the few films about being a teenager that actually feels authentic. Showing a day in the life of a group of hedonistic teens going around New York experimenting with sex and drugs during the AIDs epidemic it was, and remains, hugely controversial. The first reason you should watch this is that it’s just a good film (if you’re after something a bit different). But if you need a second, fashion’s current obsession with the 1990s makes it pretty much an essential if you’re going to nail AW17’s decade of choice. Band tees, wide leg trousers, and skater style all feature heavily, so go check it out if you’re looking for ways to bring together some of this season’s key pieces.

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