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2017: The Year In 12 Key Trends

Another year over, a new trend just begun. That’s what John Lennon would’ve sang if he copped limited edition branded sneakers instead of just lying in bed with Yoko. But before we get into what killer looks 2018 holds for us, we’re taking a look back at the top trends that dominated 2017, because some are still massively relevant.

January – Moskva Skate

If everything you know about Russia comes from ‘80s movie villains, Moskva Skate is going to be an education. It’s the Eastern Bloc meets East London – think Cyrillic lettering, bleached denim and reworked streetwear coming together for a hard-edged trend that’s changing how we think about casual style.

February – Puffers

If the puffer was food it’d be a Cheesestring and a bottle of Sunny Delight in a Teenage Mutant Hero Turtles lunchbox, it really is that ‘90s. But the thick outerwear piece was brought back and adopted by major streetwear brands and highstreet stores alike, and has now become the essential jacket of the year.


March – Dad Core

Every boy turns into his father. Once a terrifying prospect, now a stylish hope. In 2017 we turned to once shunned dad clobber such as fleeces and vacation caps and made them into menswear gold. It didn’t quite go as far as bootcut jeans and an unhealthy obsession with garden sheds, but who knows what 2018 will bring.

Read our piece on why you should be dressing like your dad right now.

April – Cross Body Bags

Men were sick of stuffing their belongings into their bulging pockets. Their money and phones needed to be liberated by something slicker and more compact than a backpack. That’s where the cross body bag came in, worn by hype beasts and cycle couriers as a practical and affordable accessory.


May – Mix & Match Tailoring

The full suit may have went down a couple of places in the style leagues with the rise of comfortable casualwear, but there’s still a place for it when it’s divided into brand new outfits. Take inspiration from brand director and our man crush Justin O’Shea, whose Frankenstein mix and matching of key tailoring items makes it look like he’s going out from 9pm to 5am rather than working 9am to 5pm.


June – Liam Gallagher

After giving it large on Twitter, Liam finally put his money where his big, uncensored mouth was and released ‘Wall Of Glass’, reigniting our love for all thing Oasis, including early ‘90s Mancunian terrace wear. Parkas…in June?! No, we’re not hot we say, as we collapse onto the floor due to severe dehydration.

July – White Jeans

Love Island kept us in on those hot summer nights this year when we should’ve been outside living our lives. But do you know what, it was worth it. Our vocabulary has widened spectacularly with the additions of ‘muggy’ and ‘grafting’. Knowledge really is power, isn’t it? But apart from new dictionary entries, we also gained a new trend: white skinny jeans. Sorry Johnny Borrell, you’re no longer the poster boy for the, anymore. And thank God.


August – Embroidery

Whether it’s a subtle rose placement on the chest or a full blown Far East inspired dragon on the back, embroidery has been a great way to add individuality and a DIY aesthetic to your garms this year.


September – The Magnum

Bored of the beard? Well we’re not going to get rid of them, because frankly we’d look actual babies and the shock of seeing our chins after so many years would send us into a cardiac arrest. Instead we met halfway with this compromising trim, which took down the hair on the sides and the chin for an emphasis on the moustache area.


October – Vision Street Wear

Streetwear is not going anywhere. It’s practically as important as breathing and eating at this stage, with many of you reading this most likely living in your overdrafts thanks to limited Palace drops. But we thought the scene needed a bit of a refresh, which is why we picked up on the revived iconic brand Vision Street Wear, available exclusively at


November – Peaky Blinders Haircut

The return of Cillian Murphy and his Burrrrrrmingham (say it in Arthur’s accent) clan had us reaching for the clippers as well as the record button. But we wouldn’t trust our selves with an electric razor, we’d most likely nick ourselves and bleed out, so we’ll hand you over to our mates at Ruffians Barbers to tell you how to get the Peaky Blinders haircut.


December – Cords

We finish the year on an absolute banger. Menswear really hasn’t had a serious bottoms trend since the rise of the chino, but we’re tipping the retro ‘70s texture of the cord to be a big hitter in early 2018.

Read up on how to wear cords in our guide to pulling off brown.


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