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13 Celebrity Tattoos We Love to Hate

With the ongoing obsession with tattoos – and in much appreciation of hit show Tattoo Fixers – we’ve been keeping our eye out for celeb tattoos that we just can’t help having a love-hate relationship with.

From random ink explosions to interesting facial features, we’ve compiled 13 of our favourite tattoo head-scratchers.


1. Mike Tyson’s iconic face tattoo

Well now, this one was clearly going to make the cut. Ex-boxer Mike Tyson got this tribal eye-hugging piece in 2003. Rumour has it, he was initially going to get hearts all over his face so that people could refer to him as ‘The Man of Hearts’. They say the tattooist advised he didn’t go down this route and opt for the warrior vibe instead. Either way, we reckon Mike Tyson could make anything look cool… you wouldn’t tell him otherwise, would you?

PS. Did you know, when The Hangover gave Ed Helms his face tattoo, the tattooist who created this piece for Tyson filled a lawsuit for infringed copyright. Oops.



Photo Credit: The Daily Beast


2. Amanda Seyfried’s’ ‘Minge’

Mamma Mia star Amanda Seyfried has a noticeable tattoo on her foot reading one short and blunt word: Minge. In interviews, she’s opened up about her minge, stating that she and her Mamma Mia co-stars Ashley Lilley and Rachel McDowall also have the tattoo. She said, “It’s a term of endearment, and in England, it means ‘vagina, but in the U.S., where I spend most of my time, it just doesn’t mean anything.” We’ll just leave that there, then.



Photo Credit: Pinterest


3. Post Malone is always tired

The singer is known for his wacky style choices – remember when he went for the fringed haircut with braids look that rocked the nation? Now, however, his focus has shifted from his hair to his face where he seems to be collecting unrelated tats in a sticker book format. His latest additions are the words ‘Always’ and ‘Tired’ underneath each eye, joining the already existing barbed wire, ‘Stay Away’ quote, Playboy logo, Ace playing card etc, etc, etc…

If you’re a fan of these tatts (or you’re looking for some fancy dress inspo) you can find temporary ‘Post Malone Tattoo Packs’ on the internet. Of course.



Photo Credit: Adam Degross


4. Connor McGregor’s fan gets real

Can you imagine being that much of a fan that you decide to get a permanent tattoo of their face? We can’t, but Connor McGregor supporter Jared certainly could. Completed by tattoo artist Michael Guiffre from New York, this masterpiece on his thigh packs a right punch. Credit where it’s due, the attention to detail is remarkable. Scroll this guys’ Instagram for plenty more celeb-dedicated pieces including portraits of Jimi Hendrix, Pennywise the clown (pop pop) and even Patrick Bateman from American Psycho.



Photo Credit: Michael Guiffre


5. Zayn Malick must have a headache…

OUCH. Although we must admit that it’s a pretty cool piece, we can’t help cringing at how much this head tattoo must have hurt. Does anyone know what hurts most: a face or head tattoo? We’re not brave enough to find out ourselves. Anyway, at least if the ex-One Direction singer changes his mind about the tat, he can just grow his hair out.



Photo Credit: Pinterest


6. … and Gucci Mane’s got brain freeze

“I’m so icy” reads lyrics from American rappers’ song Icy. Apparently, just to show exactly how ‘icy’ he is, he decided to get this ice cream cone tattoo on his cheek. Thank the Lord his song Pus*y Print wasn’t the inspiration… are we right? This addition joined a few other face tatts including what looks to be the Twitter bird underneath one eye. Interesting.



Photo Credit: Billboard


7. Ariana Grande’s BBQ grill mistake

In cheerful celebration of singer sensation’s song 7 Rings, Ariana went and got the title tattooed on the palm of her hand in Kanji (Japanese characters). Her only mistake was not getting it proofed before she got it inked. The small tattoo actually reads BBQ Grill, and her Japenese fans weren’t shy of pointing this out. In a bid to correct her mistake (stating ““Rip charcoal grill. Miss you man. I actually really liked you.”), she had the tattoo updated. Now, the tattoo says ‘tiny charcoal grill’. Face meet palm.


Photo Credit: Pinterest


8. Louis Tomlinson has a game he can’t even play

You’d think if you were going to tattoo a board game on yourself, you’d at least do it so that you could play, no? Louis Tomlinson clearly disagrees with his already won – or lost – game of tic tac toe on his arm. Three crosses mark game over… probably a good thing he didn’t opt for snakes & ladders instead.



Photo Credit: Bustle


9. Footballer Mauro Icardi stole his teammate’s wife… then got his kids tattooed on him

We get it, there’s nothing like a bit of sporting rivalry, but from the same team? With the same woman? We sense foul play. Here’s how the story goes: footballer Maxi Lopez is married to wife Wanda Nara. Mauro Icardi comes along and ‘tackles’ Lopez, ‘stealing’ his wife as he does so. Filled with contention – and a touch of smugness, we assume – Icardi then goes and gets a tattoo of not just Wanda’s name but also her and Lopez’ children’s names, too. Later down the line, he adds a portrait of Wanda to his arm and his and Wanda’s two children’s names on his torso. We’re confused.



Photo Credit: Mauro Icardi


10. Ben Affleck’s “It’s fake for a movie” very real back piece

After being spotted sporting this HUGE back piece, Ben Affleck stated it was “fake for a movie”. Turns out this back piece is either suspiciously long-lasting or, perhaps, simply not fake at all. He must have a dear fondness for phoenix’s because this tattoo is not discreet. Placed across the entirety of his back, this strikingly colourful bird takes no prisoners.



Photo Credit: Cougar Board


11. Soulja Boy has some Gucci regrets

Superman’ Soulja Boy seems to have many regrets for his not-so-super decision to get the Gucci logo placed right in-between his eyebrows. Following the Gucci blackface scandal, the American rapper tells gossip site TMZ that he’s “already started the process. I’ve got to go back two more times. I’ve already been three times.” Let’s hope this time it’s a decision he’ll stick by.



Photo Credit: Greg Doherty


12. Megan Fox gives Shakespeare a run for his money

The beautiful Megan Fox has a quote on her back… but something isn’t quite right. Ahhh, we’ve sussed it. She’s paraphrased Shakespeare. *Holds the laughter*. Don’t get us wrong, we love the quote… but who paraphrases one of, if not the, greatest writer of all time? This quote from King Lear actually reads:

No, no, no, no! Come, let’s away to prison:
We two alone will sing like birds I’ the cage:
When thou dost ask me blessing, I’ll kneel down,
And ask of thee forgiveness: so we’ll live,
And pray, and sing, and tell old tales, and laugh
At gilded butterflies…..



Photo Credit: Best Life


13. Ed Sheeran is covered in odd tatts

Finally, we’ve got the king of random tattoos, Ed Sheeran. Where do we start? He has the word ‘meow’, two line drawings of people doing it, a huge orange lion on his chest, snowflakes, stars, lego people, teddy bears, Heinz ketchup and many more including Pingo (the children penguin character that says ‘hoo hoo’ and not much else.



Photo Credit: The Sun




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