'Love Island' TV Show, Series 5, Episode 36, Majorca, Spain - 14 Jul 2019

9 Things Love Island ’19 Taught Us

And so it comes to an end; weeks of rushing to the sofa to catch Ian Stirling’s “TONIGHT…” before the drama unfolds. Weeks of laying awake at night wondering if our favourite Islander’s are ok. Weeks of hours spent laughing at memes, having debates at work, voting on the app that we’ve all denied we actually have.

This year’s Love Island has been a good’n. There have been ups, there have been downs, there have been memes and the nation has been split on whose side you should be on (not Jordan’s). In a bid to refuse it’s over, here’s one last article on what we’ve learned from this year’s show.

Warning: May contain spoilers.


1. Good mates will stick by you through everything.

We all need our boys. Whether they’re picking you up or telling you straight, ironing your shirt or dressing you for a date, your best boys have always got your back.


2. Be honest, but not too honest.

As part of the ‘How well do you know each other’ quiz, the boys were asked what their girls’ least favourite feature was. Chris, bless him, guessed that Harley’s was her forehead. That was his first mistake…

'Love Island' TV Show, Series 5, Episode 43, Majorca, Spain - 22 Jul 2019


3. Bucket hats are actually OK.

We may have had our doubts in the past (other than for festival season, obviously), but our opinions have now shifted in favour of the humble bucket hat. We’ve got Ovie to thank for that one.

'Love Island' TV Show, Series 5, Episode 39, Majorca, Spain - 17 Jul 2019


4. Never presume a girl is all mouth, and never say it in her earshot.

The lesson we can take away from Tom’s major dumb moment? It doesn’t matter what you say to the boys (jokingly or not), never – we repeat, never – say it in the girl’s earshot. ESPECIALLY IF IT’S ABOUT HER.

'Love Island' TV Show, Series 5, Episode 14, Majorca, Spain - 18 Jun 2019


5. If you give your mates advice, make sure you’d follow it yourself.

Curtis was usually a safe bet to seek advice from, but that swiftly went west the moment he advised Jordan to make moves on India whilst he had a girlfriend before then admitting it was terrible advice. *sigh

'Love Island' TV Show, Series 5, Episode 24, Majorca, Spain - 30 Jun 2019


6. Breakfast is a great gesture.

This season, breakfast has been doing bits. From romantic gestures to sorry toast, this year’s Love Island has injected a healthy dose of breakfast to our screens compared to previous years. Our highlight? Ovie’s breakfast-making dance – smoother than butter.


7. Ovie is the friend everybody needs. Be an Ovie.

Speaking of Ovie, we’ve decided everybody should try to be a little bit more Ovie. Be the friend that girl needs. Be the funny one. Be the gentleman. Be the guy that actually has good advice. Wear that bucket hat. As the wise man once said, “You run through obstacles when you want what’s on the other side”.

'Love Island' TV Show, Series 5, Episode 43, Majorca, Spain - 22 Jul 2019


8. Don’t confess your mum shaves your bum. And then don’t make your girl do it.

Now, we’re not saying it’s not OK to shave your bum (what you do at home is none of our business), but announcing that your mum shaves it on national TV may be a step too far. What’s worse? Making your new love interest step in place in your mum’s absence.

'Love Island' TV Show, Series 5, Episode 41, Majorca, Spain - 19 Jul 2019


9. Always follow your gut feeling.

You want that girl? Go get her. You want to salmon in that pool? Jump. Love Island has taught us, better than ever, to follow your gut feeling and do what’s good for you (preferably not at the expense of others, though).

'Love Island' TV Show, Series 5, Episode 37, Majorca, Spain - 15 Jul 2019





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