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11 Scandinavian Life Lessons That’ll Make Your Existence Instantly Better

Tall. Beautiful. Healthy. Happy. It makes us sick. What the hell is the secret of Scandinavian people that makes them so perfect? Why do they have one of the best life expectancy rates, have nearly no national debt and have been scientifically proven to be some of the happiest in the world, when a short flight away we’re all gorging on chicken nuggets and still struggling to work out what Brexit actually means.

To put this mystery to rest, we’ve tried to crack the code with some street style shots from Copenhagen Fashion Week, because we bumped into Mads Mikkelsen once and asked him why Scandi people are so great and he said “it’s in the blood.” But two pints of O negative and a restraining order later we felt no different. So maybe their style holds the answer…

1. Dress like your other half
The couple that dresses together stays together. That’s a saying, right? Well if it isn’t it should be, because coordinating your outfits is a clever way of gaining more clothes for your wardrobe e.g. nicking her oversize jacket. But if you want to go the whole hog and start wearing frilly underwear, we won’t judge. It’s 2017, go wild.

2. Grab yourself a bike
As well as saving loads of money by not commuting and slowly going insane sitting in traffic, riding just 20 miles a week can cut your chances of coronary heart disease by 50%. Plus you get a massive sense of self-satisfaction when you swear at motorists for cutting you off. Win win.

3. When in doubt, wear black
Where do we even start with the benefits of dressing all black? Less stains, no sweat patches, it’s easy to put together an outfit when you’re tired/hungover, it’ll never go out of style, you’ve probably got all the components to make your own black look in your wardrobe right now. It’s not lazy, it’s timeless. But don’t try and use that excuse anywhere else though, because it won’t fly for not washing the dishes or showing up for work. Trust us.

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4. Waterproofs are cool
Remember telling your mum that you didn’t want to wear a jacket as a teenager, but five hours later you’ve caught mild hypothermia from drinking 3 litres of White Lightening cider in the freezing mid-January rain on a park bench? If only waterproofs were as cool then as they are now, with Scandi brand Rains bringing the transitional layer into the limelight with their sleek and minimal macs.

With a Rains mac you’ll be hoping for it to chuck it down

5. Always carry a decent bag
There’s a special place in hell reserved for those who carry their belongings around with them in a 5p supermarket carrier bag. Don’t be one of those guys, you’re better than that. Even if you’re just carrying your sad lunchtime sandwich to work, make people think you’re going somewhere ultra important by carrying around a decadent statement bag, even though it’s probably just full of your musky gym gear.

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6. Let your beard grow wild
Life’s too short to neatly trim your beard and oil it up like a vain lumberjack. Let the milk from your morning cereal just stay in there like nature intended it and have that extra time you’d spend grooming your face forest in bed reading about hygge or whatever bollocks Danish ideology is on trend at the time you’re reading this.

7. Wear a chain
Thought these went out the window with Limp Bizkit and flared jeans? Think again, because as well as keeping your belongings safe (you can get chains connected to your wallet), they’re also a massive part of the practical workwear trend we’re seeing everywhere, giving selvedge denim a ‘I make bespoke furniture’ feel rather than a ‘cut my life into pieces, this is my last resort’ vibe.

8. Raid your dad’s wardrobe
You don’t have to trawl through hundreds of eBay pages to find authentic retro garments from the ’80s and ’90s, just hunt through your father’s wardrobe instead to save money and achieve a completely unique look. Don’t go too deep into there though, you don’t want to be scarred by what you might find…

9. Customise everything
From doodling on your shoes to painting leather jackets, the trend for customised style has only gotten bigger since the rise of the embroidered souvenir jacket last year. So if you find yourself skint and in need of some fresh threads, just pick up a marker pen or a needle and thread with some patches, and get to work on updating your old favourites. Or just give them to your grandma to do, depends on how skilful you are.

10. Start your own trend
Look at this geezer. He’s just turned his joggers inside out. Do that in some small towns over here and you’d be sectioned. But regardless of conservative British minds it looks absolutely fantastic, and it’s such a simple idea. So next time you’re feeling creative, try wearing a cycling helmet and knee pads to the pub. It just might be the next big look (but it most probably definitely won’t).

11. Put your hood up
In the UK multiple hoods signify that you’re about to lose your phone and get a black eye, where as in Copenhagen they’re a staple of the front row elite. You might still want to steer clear of shopping malls and McDonald’s, but putting your hood is losing it’s chav stigma, and we couldn’t be happier.

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