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9 Of The UK’s Best Burger Bars

Looking for some of the best places to shamelessly indulge in the nation’s favourite messy meal? Design My Night has hooked us up with the ultimate guide to all things burger.

So, go ahead, give in to the urge to devour a slab of meat sandwiched in between carbs (with a side of extra carbs), and watch the memory of your keto diet slowly fade into the distance with their list of the best burgers in the UK.


Dirty Bones – London 

The Mac Daddy at Dirty Bones is the stuff of vegetarian nightmares. A giant stack of tender beef in an array of forms – including brisket and pulled beef short rib – is nestled between a sweet brioche bun to balance out the rich, smoky flavours of the meat. The mac and cheese and espresso-spiked BBQ sauce oozing over the sides may make their way onto your favourite shirt, but trust us when we say it’s well worth the mess.

Absurd Bird – Glasgow 

Absurd Bird is offering half-price burgers and beer on Tuesdays, offering the perfect excuse to try out more than just the one patty from their major menu. Looking for a burger that’s sure to make a lasting impression? Try the Big Rooster; not only does a mountain of fried chicken totally give it away, but it’s also decked out with American cheese and bacon, with onion rings crammed in for good measure.

Maxwell’s Bar and Grill – London 

Something for the meat-free? The vegan option at Maxwell’s isn’t one to ignore. Their ‘Bacon’ and ‘Cheese’ Burger gets inventive with ingredients and flavours which create an exciting addition to the menu, suitable for all dietary requirements. The patty is made up of plant-based meat to mimic the satisfyingly dense, hearty texture of a real beef burger, while shiitake bacon and vegan cheese add depth and richness, accompanied by a blanket of crispy veg and avocado mayo. *Drools*

Honest Burgers – London

Share a special moment with Honest Burger’s Chilli Burger as you dive into the spice, the juices, the cheesiness, and everything else this dish has to offer. Watch in awe as the crunchy jalapeno relish spills from a bacon-topped pile of perfection, but hurry, you’ll want to lap up every last morsel before your mate asks for a bite. They offer a student deal of 30% off all food (with varying times and days depending on location) so you and all your friends can experience this journey of meaty goodness on a budget.




BIRD – London

If you’ve previously viewed the mixing of savoury and sweet as overly-ambitious, BIRD’s Original Waffle Burger will make you deeply regret your judgements. This dish combines everything that’s good in the world; fried chicken sits on a crisp but soft bed of waffle, doused in American cheese, while BBQ sauce, mayo, hot sauce, and maple syrup make for the ultimate flavour frenzy. Trouble is, we can’t promise you’ll be able to hold off digging in before capturing that perfect shot for the ‘gram.

Brewdog – Glasgow 

The star of the show at Brewdog is the underrated ‘vegetarian schnitzel’, also known as seitan********. This meat substitute is southern fried, and pimped out with cajun mayo, avocado and red onion, finished with a fresh topping of coriander. Wedged between a brioche bun, Clucky This Time is the perfect test to see whether you could give up meat and go veggie forever.

Meat Liquor at Queens Skate Dine Bowl – London

Dead Hippie holds a tangy twist for anyone who wants to venture out of the burger norm to try a mustard-fried beef patty. Meat Liquor sources their 100% dry-aged beef from the Scottish Highlands, and they have a knack for adding a satisfying heap of toppings to their burgers without overshadowing the quality or taste of the meat. Get a kick of freshness from the pickles and minced white onions before topping off the experience at go-karting or curling in their indoor playground (for big kids).

Cane and Grain – Manchester

Another meat duo is born in the form of the Cane and Grain Burger at Cane and Grain’s trendy 80s skater-scene-inspired taproom. The juices from the quarter-pounder beef patty and the pulled pork gloriously intertwine, also mingling with the melted jack cheese and saucy house slaw. Served in a seeded and glazed brioche bun for a hint of sweetness, get ready to say goodbye to your dignity as you make a mess of this masterpiece. Top tip: Wash it down with a beer to pull back some of your street cred.

Buffalo and Rye – Birmingham 

Grab your phone from your back pocket and turn on your camera: the Buffalo Black at Buffalo and Rye is a rare sight to behold. It’s disguised as the simple beef burger that we all know and love, all before a slice of black pudding makes an unexpected and controversial appearance – but don’t be afraid, they know what they’re doing. The bold blend of flavours offers an irresistible richness (and something you definitely wouldn’t have tasted before) with their signature burger sauce crafted to tie everything together perfectly. That’s one not to miss.


For more information on the best burgers restaurants in London and across the UK, visit Design My Night and follow them on Instagram and Facebook.




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