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10 Father’s Day Gifts That’ll Give You Brownie Points

Come on, admit it – Father’s Day is around the corner and you’re only just starting to think about the ultimate gift to get you those all-important brownie points. 

Well, no need to look any further. We’ve gone on the hunt for 10 Father’s Day gifts ranging from little to large that’ll have you in your dad’s good books in no time.


Dear Barber Grooming

Get your dad grooming great again with Dear Barber – the perfect destination for already grooming savvy dads or father’s that are new to the self-care scene.



From beard combs and beard oils to hair products for a sleek style, rest assured that Dear Barber has something for every demand. What first attracted us to this cool brand was the packaging – each product is made for that modern gentleman who cares about his appearance – and so he should.

We have two stand out must-haves from Dear Barber that we’d recommend gifting for Father’s Day. The first: the Beard Grooming Collection; made up of beard oil, beard balm and a nifty little beard comb (which all comes in a perfect storage box) is an ace gift for the bearded dad. Each of these products are high-quality which you’ll get at a perfectly great price – there’s no reason why not.

The second: the Shape It Up sets, made up of differing hair products for each personal preference. Matte, fibre or pomade, each of these sets come with a shaving cream and the hair styling product of choice. Perfect for father’s who are still in touch with their follicle side – give them the gift of grooming with these easy-to-use options.

Take a look at the whole Dear Barber range on the website (and look quick to get an eye in their sale!).


A Squireme Glass Bottle

Here’s one for the eco-friendly father – what better way to celebrate Father’s Day by than doing your part to save the planet, too?



It’s the trend that everyone’s getting on board with; plastic drinks bottles and paper coffee cups are a thing of the past… and Squireme is making sure it stays that way. These glass drinking bottles are a fantastic re-usable option for all those men that compliment your monogrammed bottle but say it’s far too ‘feminine’ for them. These bottles are stripped back and simple, attractive and easy-to-use. They’re suitable for pretty much everyone, just the way we like it.

Made in Switzerland, these handmade multi-use bottles are created from Borosilicate glass (a strong, more heat-resistant kind of glass) covered with a silicone sleeve that’s slick with all the grip. The bottles are free from BPA and Phthalates (chemicals that are generally used in plastic creations), meaning no matter what drink you take with you on the go – be it hot or cold -, the drink will stay safe and taste exactly how it should (without the guilt from the plastic!).

From black to blue to green or even pink, no matter what colour your dad prefers, gift him with something that’ll he’ll love and use every day for a long, long time.

Head over to Selfridges and get your Squireme bottle as soon as you can.


Thames Rockets with Red Letter Days

For the dad who loves adventure, speed down London’s Thames in a Thames Rocket boat for an exhilarating ride (and London sights like you’ve never seen them).



We reckon every dad deserves to get out the house and do something fun on Father’s Day, so we just had to pick an outdoors adventure – and what better than ‘sailing’ the Thames with Thames Rockets?

It’s an experience like no other that you’d be a fool to miss out on. Meeting on the pier just underneath the London Eye (another great idea for a father who wants to see sights), the Thames Rocket sets off every 15 minutes, seven days a week. Our top pick is the Ultimate London Adventure – a 50-minute trip that’ll have you grinning cheek to cheek, start to finish. The trip begins with a slower venture down the Thames, sailing past London’s most iconic spots such as the London Eye, the Houses of Parliament, London Bridge, Shakespeare’s Globe and The Gherkin. Expect your guide to fill you with facts that will genuinely blow your mind – we’ve lived in London our whole lives and these facts were new to us!

When the coast is clear, your driver will pull on the throttle sending you down the Thames at a whopping 30 knots (35mph!) with thanks to the RIB’s 630 horsepower engines. Hold on tight and take in the views as you whizz around taking in London like you’ve never seen it before.

For easy, quick booking, buy your dad a voucher so he can pick the day over at Red Letter Days. Whilst you’re there, feel free to browse all the other experiences they have to offer. They’ve got everything from driving experiences to lunch or dinner at one of London’s most famous restaurants. This way for the Father’s Day edit.

Book your Thames Rockets adventure on Red Letter Days, or get a voucher so your dad can pick the date!


Tullibardine Whisky

A strong drink for a strong dad? Maybe a tipple of whisky is exactly what he needs this Father’s Day.


When it comes to a good whisky, we’re all about quality over quantity. As your dad might be familiar with, whisky ages better and better with age, so go for a good’n that he’s bound to love. Our favourite? Tullibardine Whisky.

Tullibardine is a drink we trust, simply because it’s a family owned distillery that’s been passed down through the decades (plus we’ve given it the old taste test, and it’s a double thumbs up from us).

This highland single malt scotch whisky is a Scottish creation (they’re pretty great at the whole whisky thing). Matured in ex-bourbon barrels, this whisky received a golden caramel taste with ever so slight floral notes over time – exactly what you want from a smooth whisky.

Head over to the Tullibardine website to delve further into the makings of their whisky, and check out the stockists from there. Bottoms up!


Topman, obviously

Keep your dad looking as cool as ever by introducing (or treating) him to the latest trends that Topman has to offer. From summer staples like swim shorts or even new shoes, to everyday wearers like a new shirt or jumper, you can find everything you need right here. Stuck for inspiration? Don’t forget we do gift cards, too!


The Vegan Larder

Whether he’s an avid vegan or he simply appreciates great, healthy and nutritious food, look no further than The Vegan Larder this Father’s Day.



Driven by the desire to make a positive change socially, environmentally and in health, The Vegan Larder was created to take the scary out of vegan cooking and to open up a huge range of amazing brands to a whole world of foodies out there. We don’t think it matters whether you’re vegan or not – incredible food is made with incredible ingredients, and that’s where any decent, healthy dish starts.

This Father’s Day, we’re all about The Vegan Larder’s subscription boxes (if you fancy taking £5 off your first subscription box, use the code TOPMAN5). Every month, you can discover new products from brands you may or may not have heard of – it’s an exciting way to figure out what you love. Think all things from healthy snacks, obscure sauces, sweet treats, plenty of spices and more, with a promise that some form of chocolate will be involved pretty much every time (*exhales).

If your dad gets stuck for inspiration, have him look at the Vegan Larder’s recipe page – there’s an easy-to-follow recipe for every culinary craving starting with vegan beginner dishes to the more ‘advanced’. And hey, if your dad loves food but isn’t terribly kitchen savvy, why not get a box in for yourself to cook him up a storm this Father’s Day? It’s a win-win.

Head over to The Vegan Larder now and get ready for a whole load of delicious.


Gallivant Perfumes

All men need a go-to scent, but if your dad doesn’t have a signature, you need to give him options. That’s where GALLIVANT comes in.



We love a brand with a strong back story, and as far as these are concerned, GALLIVANT has a pretty good one. Born in London, this is a brand that’s inspired by travels, so much so that each of their unisex fragrances is named after a different place. For example, one of their most popular scents is London – created from the story of “East end boys and west end girls. Second-hand leather jackets. Creative, new, old, beautiful, ugly, rich, poor.” It smells so good that it was a finalist of The Art and Olfaction Awards in 2018.

GALLIVANT is there to encourage people to explore – to find the unexpected and the uncelebrated – and what better way to do that than by discovering a range of different fragrances based on these travels that’ll bring out different inches of your own personality?

For Father’s Day, we’re all about the GALLIVANT Nomad set. This is a trendy set made up of six of their best-selling scents that your dad can pick and choose from. He may find he loves them all or he may find the one he’s going to wear here on out. Either way – he’ll have the gift of the choice.

Take a closer look at the GALLIVANT website to see more of the fragrances and the stories behind them.


Harry’s Shaving

If your dad’s a grooming fanatic that can’t go a day without a shave (from his trusted disposable razor), this is the ultimate gift for him (and one that’s better for the planet, too).



Move over household names, Harry’s is the new kid on the block (and take our word for it when we say he’s not going anywhere). Harry’s came about because it’s founders (hello, Jeff and Andy) got tired of paying so much money for subpar razors. They felt that simplicity is key… and then they discovered that lots of men agreed with them. Now, with their team of 600 engineers, designers, craftsmen, and chemists, they’ve come up with ultimate simple shaving products for everyday men who don’t want the fuss.

This Father’s Day, give your dad the gift of an easier routine with the Harry’s Winston set. The razor’s sleek design is created with die-cast zinc and a polished chrome finish which he keeps, swapping in and out German-engineered blade cartridges as and when he needs them. To make the razor extra special, get it engraved with his initials (mum’s legs will have to wait). The set also comes with a choice of shaving cream or foaming gel with extra blades and a lid for the razor. You can even set up auto-refill orders so that he never runs out – it’s genius.

With a load of cool designs to choose from, make Harry’s your first choice. Don’t believe us? Take GQ’s word for it as they awarded it the Best New Razor of 2018.

Head over to the website now, and don’t forget to engrave it for your dad!


Ecooking Skincare

No man can ever get enough of decent skincare – there’s no age limit to well-kept skin with proper products made with serious ingredients. That’s why we’re loving Ecooking this Father’s Day.



Ecooking (an odd name which we’re rolling with) is a Danish skincare brand based around natural and organic ingredients that pack a strong formula to do skin some actual good. Creating products for both men and women (use either, we won’t tell), you can find anything from facial creams and cleansing gels to men’s body oils (hello, summer) and shampoos to get your dad set for the summer (and the winter, and so on).

“Ecooking’s Men’s Collection was created to be honest, natural, affordable and straightforward”, the brand’s founder Tina Søgaard tells us. “Our products are designed to help men with their daily skincare routine and it caters for all ages and skin types.”

Ecooking’s top quality grooming bits have left us feeling fresh-faced and refined. What dad doesn’t want to feel like that after a long day?

Take a closer look at the full Ecooking range here.


Maison Francis Kurkdjian Fragrance

If you’re after enough brownie points to last you the year, this is the Father’s Day gift you’ve got to go for. When dad deserves luxury, gift him the Masculin Pluriel fragrance by Maison Francis Kurkdjian.



If your dad doesn’t like to smell the same as every other father out there, this is the perfect scent for him. It’s unique and discreet – a mature smell for the modern gent. With top notes of lavender, middle notes of leather, red cedar, patchouli and a base of vetiver, Masculin Pluriel is an everyday caller or an occasion spruce-up – whichever he’d rather.

A little background behind the scent, this fragrance was created to mirror eternal masculinity (a winner for your dad) as well as to be a timelessness scent that lasts for as long as you let it. You can thank the fresh ingredients such as lemons and lavender for this. Rest assured, this bottle will smell just as good in 10 years as it will tomorrow.

Available in Selfridges, this is a gift that will have your dad smiling for days (and smelling even better for months). Feel free to pop into store and try it out, or, you can just take our word for it.

Shop now and explore the rest of the Maison Francis Kurkdjian fragrances on the Selfridges website.




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