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Denim Details Denim Details

A technique applied by hand, using special sandpaper on certain areas to replicate the natural creases that form through wear and tear.  

Reverse printed denim, all over printed denim and new wash techniques introduced to the range. Check out our limited edition pieces.

Subtle grinding detail used on pockets and hems to give a distressed, worn appearance.

A reinforcement stitch used to strengthen areas of stress such as at the end of beltloops and top of pocket edges.

An effect added to thighs and back knees, usually to heavier denim where by the creases are 'baked into' the garment to give a worn and lived-in look.

A dyeing process for coloured jeans where the finished garment is dyed and then usually washed out for a sun bleached look.

A phrase used to describe the tinting colour that can be given to denim fabric. Can either be applied when dyeing the actual yarns, or colour tints can be added whilst washing the garment. The shades of colours include black, grey, red, green or yellow. Look at the reverse of the denim for evidence of a coloured tint.

Usually metal, used at stress points, such as the edge of pocket openings, to help reinforce the fabric.

A process using hand held tools to create authentic looking rips, tears and scuffs. Once the garment is stonewashed these abrasions will soften and give a   well worn-in look.