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Wonder Villains

Wonder Villains Wonder Villains


What is Wonder Villains sound and influences?


Eimear Coyle: We like to think of it as ‘punk rock ABBA’. A lot of the classics such as Weezer, Queen as well, bit of Simon and Garfunkel and some Fleetwood Mac. We try and take elements from those bands and add a modern touch to bring it to the new age. Anything you can sing along to really.

-How would you describe your style?


EC: We take a lot of influence from 90s pop stars like the Spice Girls and just the 90s in general. Basically if anyone has seen the 80s flashback from Friends and Fresh Prince of Bel Air, it’s a combination of those elements.We definitely influence each other in our style as well, obviously spending all our time together as a group you sort of become this one person with 4 heads. We always encourage each other to take that extra step. A lot of our more creative outfits come from old Halloween costumes, or other occasions like a party or something, and all of a sudden it’s in the regular wardrobe. The phrase “is this too much?” flies around pretty often.


How did you all meet?


EC: Kieran is my brother and Ryan and Cheyenne were in the same class at school. We’ve all played in different bands at school and just came together.


How did you settle on a specific sound?


EC: We used to play with just two of us then Kieran joined and brought the drums and then Ryan joined the band and brought guitars, so we sort of built up our sound progressively.





From left to right:  Eimear Coyle, Kieran Coyle, Ryan McGroarty and Cheylene Murphy

Are you playing any festivals this year?


EC: Yeah we’re playing a festival in our home town in Ireland then some little tours in the UK. We have an album launch party in Belfast too and we’re working on getting some tours lined up soon. The dream is to get a van and get on the road!


What has been your biggest moment as a band so far?


EC: We started off playing local shows to get our name out there and then Radio 1 called out of the blue and asked us to play One Big Weekend, so that was pretty amazing. Ryan had only just joined the band so that was the moment it really stepped up for us.




Being from Ireland, has it been difficult to break into the UK music scene?


EC: We do have to think a lot more about where we can play when we get offered a gig, we can’t just get in a van and drive down. We have to get a plane or a boat. Luckily we use this to our advantage when we make our podcasts as it always makes it more exciting filming on a plane.


With the new record coming out, what label are you releasing with?


EC: It’s a new label in Belfast called No Dancing and we work with a company called Third Bar and Polar Patrol publishing. It’s a small label and we have a small team around us but they are all really great people and we can always pick up the phone if we need anything. It’s like a family, really.


What has been the biggest achievement as a band so far?


EC: The day our manager handed us the physical copy of our album was amazing because you spend months working on it. So seeing our names on it and all the thanks we gave on the record was a big moment.




Wonder Villains debut album ‘Rocky’ is available to buy and download now.










Hailing from Derry, Northern Ireland, Wonder Villains are a four piece re-writing the rules on pop. Fusing catchy hooks with retro synth sounds, the group has already made waves at festivals such as SXSW, Great Escape and Radio 1’s Big Weekend, steadily securing a future that’s as bright as their neon ensembles.


Topman invited the Irish quartet down to the studio for a shoot and interview, where we caught up on everything from hometown shows to Halloween costumes.


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