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If you want to know what’s up next in fashion, you need to follow LFWM. The most important week of the year in the industry, it’s a showcase of the trends that you’re going to be wearing over the next 12 months. Topman Design opened the proceedings this year, check the show out below:

LFWM 2 compititon LFWM 2

You’ve seen the show – now get your hands on one of the printed tees nearly a year before they hit the shops.

LFWM 3 style tribes link What we’re looking forward to link pub names link front row link LFWM 3

Pub culture was a big influence on our collection, win your next quiz with this info.

The five guys you’re going to see at LFWM.

Showgoer or not, there’s a lot to get excited about.

Discover all the best looks from the biggest names at the TMD show

LFWM 4 Diego Barrueco John Jarrett Ayishat Akanbi Megan Munro Dougie Poynter The Chic Geek LFWM 4


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