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Trend: City Creative

By Jacob Corner, Junior Digital Editor | Oct 2016

Tailored to the lives of the urban creative class, City Creative embraces the shifting demands of an entrepreneurial lifestyle. If your day-to-day doesn’t need a different uniform whether you’re in the studio, at a meeting or on a night out, this is the trend for you.


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City Creative 1 City Creative 1

City Creative’s colour palate is reflective of its urban heritage. When selecting pieces, stay focused on neutral colours, namely greys, blacks and navys.

City Creative 2 City Creative 2

City Creative is a sneaker centric trend. To that end, look to trousers that will keep them on show – anything cuffed is a good bet, as are wide leg and cuffed silhouettes.

City Creative 3 City Creative 3

Red is this season’s essential colour but only in small bursts. Keep it restricted to accessories like caps, beanies and socks.

City Creative 4 City Creative 4

The trend’s urban inspiration is apparent in two of its key pieces: puffer jackets and caps. When investing, make these pieces your starting points.

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