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See Me After Class

Topman head office staff and a few of our favourite actors, bands and famous faces reminisce over the good, the bad and the ugly end of year comments left by teachers.


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Topman Report Crime Topman Report Crime

‘Jack’s mind is full of ideas and things to say, but he says them all the time.’ I never knew when to shut the f**k up.

Jack Garratt

‘Hannah is engaged in all facets of school life and enjoys being involved in most subjects and extra-curricular activities. However, her keen-ness has earned her the nickname M’Nosey.’

Hannah Mahony -
Social Media Community Manager

‘Jamie is so laid back he might as well be horizontal.’

Jamie Milroy - Stylist

I started pretty badly at school, but towards the end - when I specialised in art and art history - most of my reports said that I'd developed well, and that I was able to flourish once I'd found my feet!

Oliver Proudlock

‘A distraction to others.’

‘Good at art, but if he applied himself he could be even better.’

Isaac and Laurie from Slaves

Topman Report Crimes Topman Report Crimes

‘Too complacent.’ I was like, ‘I know what’s going on, don’t need to show it off to you.’

Harry from Peace

I got the standard ‘must talk less’ and ‘too easily distracted’, which is pretty much the same as saying, 'your child is a child' - all kids talk and get distracted, right?

Dan Copley - Digital Editor

‘Rob could be a really good pupil if he actually applied himself, listened in class, stopped talking, turned up and did the work.’

Rob Evans - Assistant Buyer

‘Shows promise, needs to stop daydreaming.’

Gordon Richardson - Creative Director

‘If Douglas spent a little less time trying to be funny and a little more time concentrating he might actually get somewhere.’

Douglas Booth