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    A smarter approach to work wear looks. Wools are introduced and incorporate details borrowed from the more functional aspects of worker-wear. Fabrics are more washed / worn, heavily treated and stained. Re-enforced stitching techniques, adjuster buttons, rivets, cinch back details form the basis to the strong utility/ work wear look. Think Sunday best work wear. Vintage inspired traditional work wear looks, mixed metal hardware, jeans styling on wool, donkey & patching details, fabric mixing, high button vest style waistcoats, denim over-shirt style shirts and carpenter pockets detailing.

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    Have you modelled for Topman before?
    The work I've done for Topman includes runway and fragrance campaigns in addition to the LTD collection.

    How were you scouted for the occasion?

    I was led to Topman for castings through my FM Agency in London.
    What are your thoughts on the LTD collection?
    It's a great collection. I'm a big fan of vintage apparel, and Topman LTD hits that classic look with a modern touch; It's stylish looking with a laid-back and easy going feel.
    Which item would you most like to see in your wardrobe?
    Hands down the grey twill blazer. I'm going hunting for it soon to get my own.
    How has your LTD shoot compared to others?  

    Most shoots only differentiate by the crew that runs them. Topman is always a favourite group to work with as you're guaranteed good laughs on set and awesome pictures
    in return.

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    Have you styled for Topman before?
    Yes I styled the Topman lens A/W11 lookbook.

    What is your favourite piece from the collection?

    The burgundy knit jumper.

    Are there any accessories you rely upon when building an outfit?
    A classic pendant silver necklace or a statement shoe.

    Which item from the collection would fit nicely into every man’s wardrobe? The dark wash denim shirt. It is perfect.

    The name of the collection is Signalman, what does that mean to you?
    Classic burgundy and navies.

  • Signalman 2 Shop Topman Ltd Signalman 2

    How long have you been working with Topman?
    We've been working together for a couple of years now. It's really interesting to see how the photography and styling develops and changes for each trend we do.

    What was your inspiration behind the chosen location of the shoot?

    We shot in a beautiful old daylight studio in London. The LTD ranges have such a lovely simplicity about them yet at the same time some really careful details too. Shooting in the studio meant we could capture this without a complicated background

    The name of the collection is Signalman, what does that mean to you?
    For me it's a new take on workwear. Lots of heritage influences combined with contemporary silhouettes and details. A really interesting mix of the old and the new.

    Do you have a favourite piece from the collection?
    The grey speckled blazerwas really cool.

    Is there a key message you are trying to portray with the shoot?
    I think the message was one of just simplicity and beauty combined with a very modern aesthetic.