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Top 6 Summer Shoes

By Jamie Carson, Junior Digital Editor | May 2016

In the summer you’ve got to take extra care of your footwear game. From stepping barefoot on jellyfish to simply getting shunned in a beer garden because of your scabby trainers, there’s a vast amount of problems you could run into. Luckily, we’ve rounded up the best SS16 shoes Topman has to offer, so you can treat your feet without the hassle.


They’ve been lying to you all along: wearing socks and sandals IS cool (unless you’re a middle aged father taking your family on a caravan trip to Wales, then steer clear). Channel retro American summer camp by teaming Adidas sliders with tube socks.

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Like oxygen, water and nachos, everyone needs Adidas trainers in their life, otherwise you’d most probably perish. Whether you wear them casually with denim shorts or smartened up with tailoring, they’re one of the most versatile sneakers around.

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Luxe Trainers

We combined footwear elements from smart and casual (smasual?) to create a barrier crossing luxe trainer that pulls in premium leather materials and on-trend earth neutrals for a strong streetwear inspired statement.

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Cuban Heels img

Cuban Heels

If they’re good enough for Alex Turner, they’re good enough for you. Inject a dose of desert rock into your night time style by combining a pair of buckled Cuban heel boots with a leather jacket and skinny jeans.

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Chelsea Boots

Chelsea boots are a great style to invest in due to their adaptable shape, and can be worn during the day with turned up selvedge jeans and at night with checked trousers. With drier days in summer, you don’t have to worry about getting the suede texture ruined either.

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Woven Loafers  img

Woven Loafers

If you’re looking for summer footwear that’s both light and dapper – your search is over. These classic Riviera inspired woven loafers are the perfect accompaniment to chino shorts for a ‘50s college preppy look.

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