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Tokyo Street Style

By Jamie Carson, Junior Digital Editor | Apr 2016

Tokyo is ahead of the rest of the world in so many ways. They have fantastic food (wasabi Kit Kats), incredibly advanced technology (half of human labour jobs could terrifyingly be done by robots by 2025) and, what we’re most interested in, some of the coolest avant-garde style around. To prove it, we hunted out a few of the best street style looks from the recent Tokyo Fashion Week.

Back Prints img Back Prints img



Back Prints

Sure it’s important to look good coming in, but it’s most important to look good walking away. That’s where back prints come in, most recently brought to attention in Gucci’s latest catwalk show with the revival of the souvenir jacket. But it’s not just Drive style silky bombers that we’ve seen them in, they’ve also cropped up in streetwear hoodies, punk infused leather jackets and personally customised blazers.

shades of green img shades of green img





Shades Of Green

If street style icon, brand consultant and all round silver fox Nick Wooster (pictured left) is wearing it, then surely it must be cool. Green isn’t a colour people often wear all in one, most probably because they don’t want to look like a hipster leprechaun, but Wooster pulls it off perfectly, blending different shades of it for a layered, complex look. If you’re easing yourself into greens though, we suggest starting out with the staple military inspired bomber jacket.

statement headwear img statement headwear img



Statement Headwear

Here’s something that everyone can get away with – headwear. No matter what subculture you belong or music you listen to, there’s always a hat that you can subscribe to. There were two prominent styles we noticed in Tokyo though. One extremely casual: bright beanies and caps, which reminded us of lame Von Dutch styles from the early 2000s, but looked right at home with a skate look. The second smart: wide brim fedoras, worn dressed down with trainers and tees rather than full on tailoring.

wide leg img wide leg img





Wide Leg

If you’d have told the skinny jean crowd last year that they’d be wearing wide leg fits this season they’d have probably spat their soy milk flat white onto the floor. But, the impossible has happened. Everyone’s moving away from drainpipe fits to retro, roomier styles in both denim and trousers. Want the look to be more on trend? Then go for a cropped pair or turn up your hems to show off your shoes and socks combo.

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