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The New Rules

From Kanye West to Jaden Smith, this year has seen the typical gender lines of fashion blurred with big names stepping out in the public eye in womenswear. This newfound liberalism in the mainstream is worth celebrating, and to do our bit, we’ve invited some of our favourite female bloggers to try out a pair of Topman jeans, demonstrating that gender is no barrier to wearing
what you look good in.

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                 Amy Liddell /

"I was worried before the jeans arrived. I’ve never bought anything from the men’s section before so I wasn’t sure what to expect at all when I put them on… When the jeans arrived all of my worries were proven to be needless. The jeans were absolutely perfect! The fit is amazing and they are probably the comfiest pair of skinny jeans I’ve ever worn in my life. They’re skin tight without being as restrictive as super skinny jeans can be and the sizing was spot on too."

Amy Liddell Amy Liddell -

Ella Masters Ella Masters -

                 Ella Masters /

"I chose the stretch skinny denim style as I'm a big fan of simple chic style and this style jean would work really with a mix of tops, shirts and tees."

"I decided to style my jeans three different ways mix of androgynous, every day and glammed up."

"The jeans I selected from Topman dispelled a few of my preconceptions, I was pleasantly surprised, the fit around my legs was great. They seem a lot more robust and a lot more comfortable than women's jeans."

                 Sara Wilson /

"Who doesn't love a skinny jean, I was intrigued to see how they would fit. I am totally obsessed with the ripped knee as it allows for more movement."

"I went for a 70's tailored look. Think Alison Mosshart on her way to jury duty. All black with a longline draped shirt & skinny scarf."

"I loved that I didn't look like I was wearing jeans that were not 'designed' for me. They fit well and were really relaxed. I feel like now I can open my mind more to looking in Topman rather than just Topshop - it means I have a bigger selection to choose from & that really isn't something to complain about!"

Sara Wilson Sara Wilson -

Charlotte Lewis Charlotte Lewis -

                 Charlotte Lewis /

“I went for a ripped pair of black skinny jeans, as I love the tough rocker vibe they have and I also thought the rips were similar to women's busted knee jeans.”

“I would love to try a more relaxed style for that 'boyfriend' jeans look next.”

“I went for an androgynous denim on denim look. I love the 'girl meets boy' vibe and was inspired by Pete Doherty with my fedora and ankle boots."

“I was surprised by the fit and that they are also rather flattering for women too, considering the difference in body shapes between male and females.”

                 Charlotte Copeland /

“I prefer to wear skinny jeans so I was curious to see if men's skinny jeans were the same as women’s, I also loved the look of the quirky turn ups.”

“I simply chose a t-shirts to pair with the jeans, but I dressed mine up slightly with a little chunky heel.”

“I always thought men’s jeans must be really low wasted as boys always seem to have their bums out, yet these are surprisingly high waisted on me.“

“Men's jeans are crazily comfy, I love comfy clothing, I'm such a granny.”

Charlotte Copeland Charlotte Copeland -