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The June Issue

By Jamie Carson, Junior Digital Editor | May 2016

It’s time to start seriously thinking about making your holiday escape. Your country has kept you cooped up for too long and you need to get out into the big wide world to try exotic flavours like Fanta limon (when you’re abroad, everyone knows it’s pronounced limon). But before you pack your suitcase, check out our list of top summer trends, haircuts, music and more.

1. Premium

The second line of timeless pieces crafted in the finest materials is back for its second phase. Expect formal shirts in luxury tencel and linen fabrics paired with cropped trousers in summer colours, as well as accessories such as suede backpacks and belts.

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2. Nick Jonas Interview

Musician, actor, model and style icon (when’s he going to give it a rest, eh?), the star of hit US show Kingdom chats to Topman about his astounding career, sharp tailoring and what it means to be a man.

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3. Souvenir Jackets

This summer’s biggest lightweight jacket trend has landed at Topman – souvenir jackets. Its origins lie in post-World War II Japan, where American soldiers stationed in the country commissioned jackets to be embroidered with a combination of Eastern and Western symbols (e.g. tigers with eagles) to commemorate their stay.

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4. Festival Season

Everything about festivals should be loathed: miles of muddy sludge, apocalyptic fires engulfing first timers poorly placed tents, what you hope is warm beer getting chucked at you. But they’re amazing experiences that we return to year after year, and we’re packing our bags already.

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New Cat’s Eyes Album

5. Bright Swimshorts

God forbid you drift out to sea, but if you do, you’ll be spotted by an aerial search party within minutes with these bright swimshorts. But in other less grim circumstances, they’ll just make you stand out around the pool.

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6. New Cat’s Eyes Album

The Horrors frontman Faris Badwan teams up with opera singer Rachel Zeffira for album number two, Treasure House. Chameleon Queen is its standout track, it’s full of melancholic yet uplifting lyrics from Faris, which is accompanied by Zeffira’s haunting high notes and backed by horns and piano for orchestral pop bliss.

Released 3rd June

Independence Day: Resurgence

7. Independence Day: Resurgence

Will Smith isn’t in it punching aliens again, but with special effects this mind blowing who really needs the Fresh Prince. The premise may not be absolutely ground breaking (aliens come back but with more weapons), but you can bet it’ll be an absolute rollercoaster of zingers from Jeff Goldblum.

Released June 24th

8. Pink

Throw any preconceptions of what you think pink is out the window, because in the past few months it’s completely changed in menswear. It’s not just upper class Eton shirts and blazers in salmon anymore, it’s seriously cool streetwear in dusty, pale and bright pinks.

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9. Top 5 Short Hair Trends

We’ve recruited Murdock London’s Senior Barber to talk us through the top short haircuts to get this summer. So before you give yourself an all-over buzz cut with your dad’s clippers, check out the likes of the undercut, side parting and more.

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10. Co-Ords

If you like to match your style but are too much of a sweaty monster to wear a suit in summer, then these casual co-ords are right up your street. From the seriously on-trend earth neutrals in shorts and sweatshirts to streetwear style coach jackets and cuffed joggers, it just got easier co-ordinate new season style.

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