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The July Issue

By Jamie Carson, Digital Editorial Assistant | June 2015

Another month, another hitlist full of stylish lifestyle goodness. From luxury names such as Ray Bans to retro tube socks to mouth-watering, messy barbecue food, there’s something for everyone this July. And if you don’t like any of them, frankly you must not like life.

1. Ribbed Tops

Looking to branch out from your plain tees but also terrified at the prospect? Then start off with a textured ribbed top rather than jumping straight into prints. Giving your fit a skinnier shape, our textured tops prove that sometimes less is more.

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2. Tube Socks

If you never really thought that socks could make an outfit, then you’re about have your mind blown - M. Night Shyamalan’s Sixth Sense style. Tube socks are a component of the retro sportswear revival and look great with slip-ons and all types of shorts. We’ll take 50 pairs, please.

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3. LCM Trend: Backpacks

There was a lack of the classic man bag that’s usually clutched under the arm of the fashionista and modern gent at this year’s London Collections Men. On the streets we saw the rise of the backpack, coming in a variety of different materials and prints. And, would you believe it, we have a LOAD just like them.

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4. Revere Collars

Revere, or Cuban collars for a cooler phrase, are the subtle yet effective way to add interest to your summer style. From vertical stripes to classic Hawaiian prints, this collar shape is working its way into all types of designs this season.

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5. Positivus Festival

Topman will be heading to Latvia’s idyllic Positivus festival to check out Placebo, Kasabian, Peace and more, as well as snapping the most stylish chaps there for a special international street style feature. So don’t cover yourself in mud and fuel up on cheap cider too early on.

17th – 19th July in Latvia

7. The Maccabees

6. Lux

The premium contemporary tailoring of Lux is back with its 7th phase, updating classic pieces with modern shapes and luxurious fabrics. With a high summer aesthetic in mind, biker jackets and wide leg shorts are reworked with sateen cottons, with other pieces in the collection featuring elasticated waists, ribbed cuffs and sports influenced shapes.

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7. The Maccabees New Album

The London lads are back with their fourth album, ‘Marks To Prove It’, the follow up to their critically acclaimed and Mercury nominated 2012 album, ‘Given To The Wild’. Unlike their mid-2000s contemporaries Pigeon Detectives and the Wombats, they’ve managed to evolve from mere indie dance floor fodder to festival headliner material.

Released Monday 29th June

8. Ray-Ban

Ray Bans are cool. If anyone tries to tell you otherwise, kick them in the shins because they are liars and are wrong. From classic Wayfarers to sharp Aviators, the iconic sunglasses have now landed at Topman.

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9. Top Pick

Personal Shopping’s Alfie Marcus selects this month’s top pick, highlighting the red coach jacket as his favourite new in piece. It’s the perfect light jacket for night times at festivals thanks to its lightweight nylon material.

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10. Red’s True Barbecue

10. Red’s True Barbecue

Summer inevitably means barbeques. But instead of manning one yourself and risk the strong chance of salmonella from budget sausages, leave it to the professionals. Introducing Red’s True Barbecue, masters of pulled pork, monster burgers, beef brisket and…*bites fist*…deep fried mac ‘n’ cheese balls.

Shoreditch, London Restaurant Opens 24th July