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The December Issue

By Daniel Copley, Digital Editor | Dec 2015

If December was a girl, we’d probably propose to it…or at least invite it over for some 'Netflix and chill'. As if the year’s coolest month wasn’t already jam-packed with festive fun, December 2015 has taken things a step further with, amongst other things, an arty Topman collaboration, extra football and a movie set a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away…

1. Star Wars: The Force Awakens

If you’re not ridiculously excited about the latest installment of the Star Wars franchise then you probably need to re-evaluate your priorities in life. It’s got Han, it’s got Luke, it’s got Chewy, it’s got massive blockbuster written all over it. Take two minutes out of your day and watch the latest trailer now.

3. topman oxford street

2. Day-To-Night

Party season, or ‘midweek hangover season’ as it’s known throughout offices around the country, is now in full boozy, bleary-eyed swing. If you’re heading straight from work to your bash, check out our guide for easy day-to-night style transitions.

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3. Topman Oxford Circus

If you’re in London from 3rd – 5th December, be sure to pop into Topman Oxford Circus for a shopping event full of grooming, gifting and festive treats. Our pick of the freebies? Spend £120 and we’ll give you a wallet and monogramme it with your initials there and then!

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4. southern fried turkey

4. Southern Fried Turkey

Grillstock have just taken Xmas eating to the next level. Their masterpiece consists of Southern fried turkey breast, bacon, habanero cranberry sauce and some lettuce that, frankly, is totally unnecessary. With branches in London, Liverpool, Leicester, Bristol and Bath, it’s time to get your festive fill.

5. curtis kulig x topman

5. Curtis Kulig X Topman

New York artist, Curtis Kulig, is the man behind our brand new collab. In a nice twist,


Kulig references his style heroes - from Einstein to Picasso - in a contemporary collection featuring corduroy outerwear, graphic t-shirts and loads more.

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6. Secret Santa

Whether you’ve set a £5 budget to buy a gift for a colleague who treats you with barely-concealed disdain or a £50 budget to buy a gift for a family member…who treats you with barely-concealed disdain, check out these top picks. The pug mask is our current favourite.

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7. Mr Natty

Mr Natty describes himself as ‘a barber to royals, ragtaggle and ruffians’, so we think it’s pretty cool that his award-winning grooming brand has just landed at Topman. If you’re beardy – or you’re Christmas shopping for somebody who is – his beard oils are best in class!

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9. festive fixtures

8. Harris Tweed

The only fabric backed by an Act of Parliament – stating that it must be made at a verified weaver in the Outer Hebrides – Harris Tweed returns to Topman for the fifth year in a row. The collection features overcoats, blazers, waistcoats and even a bomber jacket.

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9. Festive Fixtures

Frantic, injured-ravaged, freezing…yep, there’s no doubt about it, Christmas football is the best. There’s a full fixture list on the 26th AND 28th of Dec, and it’s around this time that the managerial casualties mount up too. With Chelsea away to Man Utd on the 28th, can Mourinho survive another defeat?

Man Utd vs Chelsea, 28th Dec

10. New Overshirts

At Topman HQ, we’re big fans of the overshirt. This versatile workwear-inspired garment is your key to creating layered looks without replicating the silhouette of the Stay Puft Marshmallow Man. Designs are available in twill, brushed cotton and denim.

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