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The 10 Best Street Style Looks of 2016

By Jacob Corner, Junior Digital Editor | Dec 2016

The runway has its place but if you really want to know what’s trending in men’s fashion, you’ve got to look at street style. If you go to the coolest corners of the fashion world’s biggest cities, you’ll find real people wearing that season’s biggest looks and more adventurous men rocking what you’ll be wearing next year.



In 2016 we went everywhere from Tokyo to Copenhagen to hunt down the most stylish guys from around the globe and we learned a lot. Our favourite city? Berlin. Best food? Tokyo. Best dressed? Korea, by a mile. Now our year of ‘hard work’ is over, we’ve got to make a tough choice – we saw a lot of well-dressed guys, but which ones looked the best? After a lot of puzzling it out (and a few arguments), we’ve cut it down to the 10 coolest looks of 2016:

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The Puffer The Puffer

2016 was the year sportswear reached full-blown, wear everywhere legitimacy. This guy nails it and even slips in pink, one of 2016’s other key trends.

During fashion week, a lot of the best style is behind the lens, not in front of it. Case in point: this guy. Making shorts look good isn’t easy but he smashed it.

The souvenir jacket was the outerwear purchase of 2016. We spotted this one in Tokyo early in the year and it was a sign of things to come.

Longline outerwear is set to make a mark in 2017 and this is one of the best examples of it we’ve seen. If the character on the back says something obscene, sorry, we didn’t know.

Wearing white looks great but it’s tough to make it work. This is it done right - the ultra-simple monochrome palette brings out the best of everything he’s wearing.

All the elements of this look are great but it’s how they’ve been pulled together that makes this outfit exceptional. Wearing a mac, a printed tee, a cap and pinstripe trousers together isn’t easy.

Man dungarees might be one of those ‘rather him than me’ trends but this tonal look temped us to try it out. Extra points for the print on the back and sleeves, which give it a skate feel.

The patchwork trend is up next. What we like about this look is the jacket, which reminds us of the Japanese tradition of ‘Boro’, where textiles are repaired across generations.

The 00s were pretty much a style wasteland but what we like about this outfit is how it salvaged one of the decades’ greatest mistakes – a longsleeve under a short sleeve – and made it look good.

You could mark the progression of 2016 by people’s jeans getting progressively ripped as the year went on. This look, with its combination of distressed denim, Chelsea boots and indigo jacket, showed us how to pull it off.