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Summer Shoes




To guide you through this summer’s top footwear, we’ve convinced four of our favourite photographers to submit Topman shoe selfies. We figured this would be the best for everyone – you guys get introduced to some great snappers and we basically don’t have to do any work. #Winning.







Tom van Schelven is cool. His work, which bristles with energy, is cool. The fact that he’s half-Manc half-Dutch is cool. Even his name is cool. So it’s no surprise that this regular Esquire photographer has picked these on-trend white leather sneakers




James O Jenkins in Brown Suede Gibsons




From shooting Soho cycle couriers to Nelson Mandela to a visual study of annual UK customs, James O Jenkins has a broad range of professional interests. His choice of footwear reflects this, with brown suede Gibson shoes ideal for pretty much any occasion.




GarconJon in Sport Loafers




Specialising in fashion, street style and beard photography, GarconJon join is a familiar face on the menswear circuit. On this evidence, his feet will be getting more recognition too – we love this shot of his sport loafers at his very neatly organised studio.




Shane Deegan in Black Slip-Ons




As a documenter of London’s underbelly, Shane Deegan often seems to find himself in the right place at the right time. Either that, or he knows some weird/cool people. He shot these black slip-ons at Greenwich Park.




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