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12 Times Justin O’shea Wore A Suit Better Than You Shop Suits 12 Times Justin O’shea Wore A Suit Better Than You

If you don’t know who this man is, let us give you a brief history of what he’s all about. Justin O’Shea is an illustrious menswear buyer and former creative director of Italian fashion house Brioni, where he created much scandal by putting Metallica in a load of expensive suits for a brand campaign. On the days he’s not reinventing the face of luxury menswear, he can be found riding motorbikes, starting his own brands and looking suspiciously like UFC fighter Conor McGregor. He also knows how to wear a suit like James Dean knew how to wear a leather jacket – like an absolute bad ass.

But enough chit chat, because we’re running out of space for copy now. So here’s how you can steal the street style icon’s look for when you next suit up.

What A Waistcoat Shop Waistcoats Shop Waistcoats Shop Waistcoats What A Waistcoat

Guys have ditched the waistcoat these last few years thanks to the rise of Mumford & Sons and their uncool tweed farmer vibes. But it’s time to bring them to the front of your wardrobe again and wear them solo with a printed shirt, a great combo for those attending a summer wedding and don’t want to sweat through a jacket.

Actin’ Shady Shop Sunglasses Shop Sunglasses Shop Sunglasses Actin’ Shady

Think sunglasses and you automatically think shorts, but Justin’s use of clear coloured lens shades gives his tailoring a Fear & Loathing In Las Vegas feel that makes his suits more rock ‘n’ roll than 9-5. So if you’re looking to transform your work suit into a pub garden worthy look without removing anything, this is for you.

Make A Statement Shop Printed Shirts Shop Printed Shirts Shop Printed Shirts Make A Statement

Sick of the archetypal white shirt? Well we have news for you: tailoring isn’t just restricted to formal shirting anymore. DUM DUM DUM! Shocking we know, but tropical prints and western styles have been dominating the catwalks these last few seasons, bringing a much needed pop of colour to classic suiting.

Divide & Conquer Shop Blazers Shop Blazers Shop Trousers Shop Blazers Shop Trousers Divide & Conquer

An aggressive name for a strong look. Just because you buy a suit as one piece doesn’t mean you have to wear it that way. Separate your smarts and rebuild unique new outfits for a contrasting look. Start simple by adding a different colour waistcoat, then build up your confidence by experimenting with different textures like velvet.

Justin O'Shea is in no way affiliated with Topman.

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