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How To Wear
Sports & Smart

By Daniel Copley, Digital Editor | August 2016

Guys, we know. We’re aware we do it. We’re always telling you about emerging trends and new looks…and we accept full responsibility.


However, if there’s one menswear movement that you really need to pay attention to, it’s the cross-styling of formalwear and sportswear. This styling principle is influencing almost every other trend around, so nail this one and you’ll be all set for an on-point  AW16. To give you a bit of inspiration, check out our top 8 sports-and-smart outfits.

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Formal Refresh

Layer a mac or duster coat over pinstripe trousers and a clean white tee for a look that’s understatedly smart but doesn’t make you look like you work in accounting. 


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Modern Tailoring

Tailoring isn’t all about suits. Well-cut smart trousers and a tailored bomber are just as slick but feel much more contemporary. Yeah, they feel contemporarier. That’s a word now.


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A Technical Touch

Styling a technical-fabric hoodie with wool suit trousers would have felt crazy a few seasons ago…but it’s spot-on for AW16, and a great example of how both sports and smart genuinely benefit from being paired together.


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Up The Funnel

We’ve got high hopes for funnel necks this season. Could they be this year’s roll neck? Style this typically sporty top with suit trousers for a seriously on-trend autumnal look.


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Keep It Simple

Slim joggers with an unfussy crew neck knit is the signature sports-smart look. For some reason – as with many of these looks – it looks so much smarter than the sum of its parts.


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Layer Game

We’ve pinched the whole short-sleeve-tee-over-a-long-sleeve-tee thing from the world of skating. Then we’ve whacked them both over a pair of suit trousers. Then we’ve sat back and applauded our immense styling talent.


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Blazer Days

Freshen up your blazer (or suit) by layering a zip-up track top underneath. Make sure the track top is thin and lightweight though – you need to ensure your blazer retains its slim silhouette for this look to work.


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Over And Out

Pairing a shirt with joggers is a classic ‘it shouldn’t work, but it really does’ outfit, and another top example of how (with a bit of inventive styling) two dress codes can by combined to impressive effect.


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