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Second Coming





Flashback to the early 90s. The world’s most famous nightclub was a former warehouse on the Rochdale Canal, Sir Alex Ferguson hadn’t yet won a title at Manchester United and the Stone Roses were all friends.




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The nightclub in question is, of course, the Hacienda. Founded a decade earlier, it reached prominence (and notoriety) in the early 90s and was widely regarded as the birthplace of acid house and rave music. As Shaun Ryder put it: “if there were 1500 people in there, 1400 were off their tits”.


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The style of the scene was as recognisable as the music. Logos appeared everywhere, the stripes were vertical, the outerwear was oversized and the jeans were baggy. Shiny textures were also important, particularly on jackets, and there was such a thing as a ‘bucket hat’.


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Next, I tried on a red and blue checked suit. This look was killer. I love the mod and dandy vibe and felt unique. I considered the fact that I may prefer something that was a bit more timeless and so, I decided to tone it down a bit.

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The links between fashion, music and football were strong, with trends being taken from the terraces as much as the bands. In 1990, England’s performance at the World Cup and Gazza’s iconic tears turned the spotlight back on a sport that had been tarnished by hooliganism. These were the days before the Premier League and Topman even sponsored a top-flight team: Leeds United. Who were, unbelievable as it may seem, actually quite good.

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BUT... the blue and red suit was too cool to pass up. I decided to grab that one as well for a change of outfit - hey, if the bride can slip into something fun for the dance floor, why can't the groom?