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How We Roll

By Jamie Carson, Digital Editorial Assistant | Nov 2015

Looking for a simple (and warm) way to refresh your winter outfits? Then we’ve got the cure to your aching disdain towards everyday tees and shirts: the roll neck. The classic knitwear item has been given a new lease of life and is no longer just associated with fishermen and Bond villains, as we’ve revamped it with premium wool, seasonal colours and unique textures that’ll transform your style in one easy switch.


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Go Fresh

This season has seen a lot of guys colliding casual elements with smarter pieces. For example, a tailored bomber suit with elasticated formal joggers can be worn with clean sports trainers and a plain shirt. A truly modern look that can be amplified by a roll neck popping up subtly underneath the shirt.

Go Bold

If pumpkin flavoured beverages aren’t your thing, show off your festive nature by wearing it on your sleeve – literally. Rich winter colours such as this spiced orange roll neck give a bright burst to contrast the darkening nights.

Go 60s

Everyone is banging on about the 70s, so we thought we’d be different and go a decade behind with this double layered, James Dean inspired look. Normally a white t-shirt would suffice, but opting for a black roll neck gives it a cooler gothic feel.

Go Novelty

It’s pretty much the law that you have to wear a Christmas jumper, whether that be for work, lads night out or pretending you’re a decent human being when visiting your grandparents. If you already have a favourite festive knit, wear a roll neck underneath it and make your own style.

Go Party

‘Tis the season to party, but aren’t you sick of spilling colourful drinks on your white shirt and drunkenly wrapping your tie around your head? Ditch the combo that everyone expects you to wear and replace with a chunky roll neck in luxury merino wool.

Show Us How You Roll #Squadrolls

Whether you wear your roll neck to the pub with a blazer or under a football top at a match, we want to see how you and your squad roll! Upload your images to Instagram tagging @TOPMAN with #SquadRolls. Here is some inspiration to get you started...