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Rat Boy

There we go, now we’ve got the meaning of his name out the way, we can commence with the important stuff.

Who? 19 year old Essex resident Jordan Cardy, also known as human rodent hybrid Rat Boy, is the subject of this shoot shot in seaside town Clacton-On-Sea.

Why? Because you’ll be hearing him non-stop on the airwaves this year.

What does he sound like? A mish mash of the Beastie Boys’ cheeky hip hop vocal style and Alex Turner’s working class, youthful lyrics circa 2006.

But enough bio from us, let’s see what he has to say for himself…




Rat Boy
Rat Boy

How was your school experience?

I only enjoyed doing art and music. But I also struggled with writing, I got distracted really easily and I had such low attendance. I wasn’t misbehaving, I just didn’t like school. Because I’m dyslexic, it just felt quite uncomfortable.


What would you say young people’s biggest problem is?

I feel there’s a lot of pressure when people are 16 and doing their GCSEs, because you’ve got to figure out what you want to do for the rest of your life. When you’re that age and you’ve got to figure out if you want a job, if you want to go to college or university…there was just loads of pressure for me; I didn’t go uni because I didn’t have the grades. I felt stressed all the time.

Rat Boy

Being 19 on tour must be amazing.
What do you get up to?

We skate about, just being idiots in service stations, shooting BB guns and fighting; just having fun. Niall the drummer recently set his hair on fire. Harry got a lighter and a can of deodorant and sprayed it, but Niall had hairspray on and his hair singed and got badly burned.It was funny at the time…

What would you be doing if you weren’t making music?

Probably in a shit job, I got denied from Co-Op, Tesco and McDonald’s after two interviews. But I’d still be painting. I made skateboards for a while, just cutting them out of normal boards and painting them.

Rat Boy

What advice would you give to
a teenager on the dole?

Take that time to do something creative. I’m not great at giving out advice though because I don’t do stuff very well…

What’s your ideal weekend?

Skating, play a gig, do some painting and make some videos. I don’t really go out drinking, I enjoy doing something creative more than drinking. But I enjoy drinking loads on tour, because there’s nothing much to do than get drunk in the day.

Rat Boy

What can we expect from the debut album?

Interludes and a bit of a concept. It’s called SCUM, it comes out in August. I was inspired by early 90s hip hop, punk, Beastie Boys and Fat Boy Slim.

How does it feel being nominated for an NME Best New Artist Award?

That’s sick. I always imagined what it’d be like to hold one of those awards. And now that might fucking happen! Even just being nominated is mad.

Rat Boy

What’s it like living where you do?

I live in Chelmsford, near my old school. It’s alright, you can get away with loads. In London there’s police everywhere, but there you can fuck around. We still get kicked out of everywhere for skating, but there’s fields where you can ride motorbikes.

You’ve brought your own clothing designs today. How long have you done that?

I’ve made my own clothes since I was 13, especially band t-shirts. If I had a band that even didn’t have a band practice, I’d still make loads of artwork for it.

Rat Boy
Rat Boy