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7 Ways To Own Prom Season


Think deciding what you want to do for the rest of your life is difficult? We’ve got news, there’s another decision that’ll keep you awake at night: choosing your prom suit. Although we can’t help much with career prospects, we can assist you in the tailoring department. From keeping it classic with a sleek black tuxedo to wearing all neutral colours for a sartorially on-trend look, here we showcase 7 different ways you can make an impact at your prom.  






Sort Your Prom Style

Prom IMG1 Prom IMG1

Swap the shirt
for a tee


The last season seen a rise in the dressing down of suits - and spring/summer is no different. What was considered a lazy look for a teenage court case is now a part of the smasual (that’s smart casual, obviously) trend of swapping shirts for tees. The trick is to keep it subtle, so keep it plain rather than printed.






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Prom IMG2 Prom IMG2

If you dig the tuxedo but want to give it a playboy vibe, lose the bow tie and drape a dress scarf around your open collar shirt, the debonair accessory favourited by rock stars. If you’re not accustomed to scarves like this, start out with a plain or polka dot style then grow into braver styles like paisley when you’re more comfortable.






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Wear a dress scarf instead of a tie

Prom IMG3 Prom IMG3

The classic tuxedo


There’s a reason why James Bond continues to wear tuxedos to this day: they never fail. Although it’s been done time and time again, it never gets boring seeing a black tuxedo with a peak satin lapel paired with a shirt and bow tie. If you want to stick to the rules, never wear brogues with a tuxedo, instead wear polished black Oxfords or, to really make an impression, velvet loafers.






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Prom IMG4 Prom IMG4

If you’re looking for style, look no further than a checked suit. A traditionally British style (with the Prince of Wales even having a design named after him) that proves classic tailoring doesn’t mean boring tailoring. The design does all the hard work, so keep your tie and shirt combo simple and to the point.






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Opt for a
checked pattern

Prom IMG5 Prom IMG5

Invest in the neutral colours trend


Going head to toe in earthy neutrals has been the biggest colour revolution since wearing all black. It started off in streetwear but has now found its way into smartwear and has even taken over accessories. The best part of this look is you can use each component as smart seperates to add pale shades to other outfits.






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Prom IMG6 Prom IMG6

Double breasted blazers are normally associated with sleazy 80s Wall Street bankers, but the look is finally being taken back for the great cut it is. If you want to steer clear of the full smart look, make it modern by wearing trainers instead of formal shoes, and a casual printed shirt instead of a crisp white one.






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Contrast formal style with relaxed shoes

Prom IMG7 Prom IMG7

Dress to impress
with white


As long as you don’t plan to get into any Carrie pig blood type of predicaments, this is a strong look. The colour is already quite a statement, so keep away from bright shoes, pocket squares, hats and other loud accessories. You can also wear the blazer separately with black trousers for a fresh new outfit.






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