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Positivus Festival Salacgriva, Latvia

By Jamie Carson, Digital Editorial Assistant | July 2015

Glastonbury? Overdone and full of hippies. Reading? No thanks, we don’t like being set on fire. Positivus? YES PLEASE. Set in a picturesque forest full of hammocks and neon windmills next to the ocean, Latvia’s Positivus is a relaxed and unique approach to festivals. Topman visited it this year to interview the likes of Peace and Jack Garratt.

festival Image


The Birmingham indie boys on ankle injuries and defecating in tents


Worst festival experience?


Harry: I really did my ankle in at Reading once, I tried to jump over a stream and I passed out because it was so painful. I soldiered on, but I tried to crowd surf out of a gig because I was in so much pain and it was Viva Brother playing, so it was the worst experience ever.


Best festival experience?


Harry: Leeds last year was the best, we did the main stage and it was f***ing mega.


What are your festival essentials?


Dom: An open mind.

Harry: Boots.

Sam: Low expectations.


What’s your advice to a first time festival goer?


Harry: Chill out and don’t panic. When I first went to Reading I couldn’t deal with it. Just go with the flow when they herd you around like cattle.


Worst toilet experience?


Harry: We’ve been quite lucky with festival toilets, really.

Sam: There’s a video of someone who shits in a tent then falls in the tent. She takes a shit and she’s like, “fuck off” to the camera and falls in. Wasn’t even her tent.


Lads on Tour

Kasabian may be a band for absolute lads whose idea of entertainment is Top Gear reruns and throwing cups of piss at each other, but they are also the best thing about the weekend. From Empire to Fire to LSF to Vlad The Impaler, you forget how much of an incredible back catalogue they’ve got (even though they’ve been going since 1997). Awful as a soundtrack on Soccer AM, absolute sing-along joy at a festival.

Jack Garratt

The up-and-coming multi-instrumentalist shares his advice for first timers


Best festival experience?


 As a punter, I only went to one festival which was Reading in 2009. Awful, the only good thing was the Prodigy. As a performer it has to be Glastonbury, it was an amazing experience. That’s a milestone; a proper bucket list show. It’s a hub of such great energy.


Worst festival experience?


Going to festivals and seeing audiences being treated like shit, seeing bands who should be giving everything because there’s kids in the crowd who have paid money to see them and they just waste it by staring at their shoes for an hour.


What’s your festival essential?


Every place I got to I’ll always bring good headphones or a good speaker. The faded noises of melodies that fly through the air…after your 15th festival in a month it gets a bit erggggh, I want to hear something direct and be shut off.


Advice for first time festival goers?


Make sure you go see bands that you want to see, but make sure you go see bands you have no idea who they are. Find out some shit you didn’t know about before, even if you end up thinking it was a pile of shit.



Jack’s new single weathered is out now!

jack garratt
the war is won Image

The War is Won

Words flew about beforehand that LA quartet Warpaint were more of an intimate venue band, but after 5 minutes they had to eat their words like a horrible, dripping festival kebab. Their lucid and dream like riffs turned the crowd into ‘60s hippies, dancing in the mud with no shoes on and grinding on each other like extras in a Rihanna video.