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2) How do I use Hangouts? 




These are the steps you will need to go through to set up a Hangout with one of our personal shoppers 


  • Step 1: Appointment Type Selection 

  • This is an informative section detailing the purpose of the Booking System 

  • One of the buttons you can see on the screen allows you to request an in-store appointment, and the other to initiate the online booking process 

  •  Geo-location of user’s IP will be checked and if you are outside the UK a notification appears reminding you that the service is only available for UK based customers. You will have the option to confirm if you are based in the UK and continue the booking process 



  • Booking Process | Step 1 of 6: Basic Data Capture 


  • Here is where you can register with the system. At the top of this form you will see a Google+ sign in feature which you must use to continue with the process 
  • If you do not have a Google+ account the “sign in” popup will prompt you to make one 



  • Booking Process | Step 2 of 6: Appointment Details 


  • The default view of this main display is the Calendar view showing the active month 
  • Any dates displayed which have no availability will be greyed out.  
  • When you click on an available date the calendar display will change to show a list of available times for that day: 
  •  Any unavailable time slots will be displayed as inactive 
  • Available time slots will have a mouse-over cursor state informing you that they are interactive 
  • To the top right of the time slot display will be an icon which you can click to close the view and return to the main calendar display 
  • The earliest availability on the system will be 24 hours from the current time, allowing the Topman team enough time to properly plan the experience 
  • Once you have selected a time slot, it will be reserved for you for a set time to allow you to finish the booking: 
  • This will be indicated at the top of the screen 
  • If time runs out they you will be asked to select the time slot again keeping all filled in data in 
  • The system will also show a slot as unavailable if there have been 2 bookings already recorded for that time 



  • Booking Process | Step  3 of 6: More Info About You. Here you can register your clothing details with the system, if you have not previously done so: 


  • This form will capture your clothing sizes and fit preferences: shirt, shirt fit, leg length, waist, leg fit and shoe sizes 
  • Each field in this particular section is optional. When you entered all of your information they you can click submit to save the information and display the next step 



  • Booking Process | Step 4 of 6: More Info About Your Visit. The purpose of this section is to try and gauge some information about the purpose of this particular personal shopping experience: 

  • This is a drop down list including visit reasons 



  • Booking Process | Step 5 of 6: Tailored Style Moodboard. In this section you will be presented with a tailored style moodboard based on the visit reason you previously selected 


  • You can select styles by highlighting all relevant images 
  • Following steps will allow you to upload image references of what you are looking for. These images will be shared with Topman Personal Shopping for reference purposes only 



  • Booking Process | Step 6 of 6: Confirmation. The final stage of the process is an informative message letting you know the booking has been made and that they should shortly receive a confirmation email to you G+ email address to that effect: 


  • ‘Add to Calendar’ link allows you to download an .ics file and input the booking into your calendar 
  • An optional field to input a contact number 
  • 'Install Hangouts’ link to allow you to install the Hangouts plug-in to prepare your desktop for Hangouts: Clicking this link forwards you into the Google Hangouts downloads page where the relevant Hangouts Plug-in version is identified and offered for download 
  • A designed booking confirmation email will be sent to you including: 
  • Date and time of the booking 
  • Explanation of how the Hangouts session will be conducted and also technical requirements, and recommended internet connection 


  • Link to the Hangout Waiting Page: 


  • Clicking this page at anytime before the Hangout starts shows a countdown 
  • Clicking this link when the Hangout has been initiated you will be presented a button inviting you to join the hangout 
  • Information on how to get in touch - reply to this email or call 08443221390 
  • Link to their private Google+ album including the styles you liked in the tailored style moodboard 



  • The Hangout Extension 


  • Inside the Google Extension you will find pre-selected outfits, hand-picked by the Topman staff members  
  • Both you and the personal shopper will view and control the extension and work in a collaborative way  
  • A Checkout button will be available for customers to finish your purchase 
  • The default view is the collections/outfits view showing the first outfit: 


  • You can scroll vertically to browse thumbs of all items included in the collection 
  • Use bottom arrows nav to horizontally browse through collections  
  • Click a thumb to open the Item Detail View 
  • View basket button launches basket summary 
  • Checkout link at the bottom present at all times forwards you to prepopulates the basket on with selected items 


  • In the Item Detail View you can: 


  • Select size using a dropdown 
  • Zoom item image in and out (single level zoom) 
  • Add item into the in-app basket 
  • Use the bottom arrows nav to browse through items included in the collection 
  • Click the inbuilt Back button to return into Collections/Outfits View 


  • In the Your Basket summary, you can: 


  •  Review a list of added items (thumbnail, title, size, price) 
  • Remove any item clicking on the remove button shown on roll over 
  • Change quantity and/or size of an item using the selector on roll over 
  • See the final price of their order 
  • Use the Checkout link to finish their purchase on 
  • Click the inbuilt Back button to return to where you have come from (Collections View or Item Detail View) 



  • Basket & Checkout 



The Hangout Extension has its own ‘in-app’ basket which both users (customer and shopper) are able to populate. This is not the same basket you will finally use to complete the purchase on The user flow is as follows: 




  • You will add items to the in-app basket 
  • Clicking the Checkout link forwards you to 
  • basket is pre-populated with items from the in-app basket 
  • You will need to follow the existing flow i.e. login/create account and complete purchase 



  • Can anyone use the service? 
  • We are initially launching this service in the UK to English speaking customers.




3) TECH –


Tecnical Specifications 



  • ​Technical specifications required for the Booking system for Desktop 
  • Operating systems 
  • Windows 7 
  • Windows 8, 
  • OS X Lion 
  • OS X Mountain Lion 
  • Ubuntu 14.04 
  • Browsers:  
  • Firefox 29+  
  • Chrome 35+ 
  • Safari 7+ 



  • Technical specifications required for the Booking system for Tablet 
  • Operating systems 
  • iOS 7 
  • iOS 8 
  • Android 4.3 
  • Android 4.4 


  • Technical specifications required for the Hangout extension for Desktop 
  • Operating Systems 
  • Windows 7 
  • Windows 8 
  • OS X Lion 
  • OS X Mountain Lion 
  • Ubuntu 14.04 
  • Browsers 
  • Firefox 29+ 
  • Chrome 35+ 
  • Safari 7+ 
  • Supported Devices 
  • Nexus 4, Nexus 5, Samsung 2, Samsung 4, iphone 4, iphone 5S 
  • Nexus 7, Samsung Note, iPad 2, iPad 3 
  • imac pro 15”, imac 21.5”,imac 27”,windows desktop, windows laptop, Ubuntu Desktop 
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