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How To Upgrade Your Winter Coat

By Jamie Carson, Digital Editorial Assistant | Nov 2015

If you’re still fooling yourself that it’s warm outside and you're walking around in just a t-shirt and jeans – you are mental. Admit defeat and put on a jacket. But if you don’t know which member of the outerwear family you’d like to dedicate yourself too, we’ll gladly show you through the latest trends.

Over Coats over coat linkOver Coats

The coat that comes back every autumn/winter (which is why we’ve called it classic). Dig around in your grandad’s wardrobe and you’ll probably find his exact same style from the 50s, but if you want a new one that doesn’t smell like the middle of the 20th century you should invest in our wool blends, luxury belted or even leopard print styles for a rock ‘n’ roll approach.

Denim Coats Denim linkDenim Coats

From punk to indie to workwear, denim jackets and gilets find their way into all sorts of looks and subcultures. Take inspiration from these streetstyle shots from around the world that prove a denim jacket goes with just about everything, whether that be preppy chinos, branded joggers or smart trousers.

Red Coats Red linkRed Coats

If it’s good enough for Santa, it’s good enough for us. This statement winter colour will make the simplest of outfits stand out, perfect for lazy winter mornings when you’re too tired/hungover to put anything decent on. Looking for a light layer to wear on a night out? Then go for our corduroy western jacket. But if warmth is what you crave, the Nicce parka is for you.

Suede Coats Suede linkSuede Coats

Suede jackets are a great gateway into the 70s trend because they’re braver than a ringer tee and not as out there as flares. For an authentic retro look incorporate fringing into your jacket with the likes of our exclusive Nick Grimshaw collection, or play it down and still look like a modern cowboy with a western design by Topman LTD.

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