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Ones To Watch 2016

By Jamie Carson, Digital Editorial Assistant | Jan 2016

Along with ditching overly optimistic diets and booze, there’s also another thing you can expect in January: lists. Everyone looks to the year ahead to try and predict what’s going to be the next big thing, but unless they have kebabs and cocktails in it, there’s no point in reading them. Here we highlight everything you need to know for the year ahead, from food to music to style trends.

Actor: John Boyega

Actor: John Boyega

So there’s this movie called Star…who are we kidding, you know who this guy is. But before the biggest movie of the century, you probably didn’t, as the biggest production he’d been in was South London comedy Attack The Block. Although he’ll be committed to Star Wars for the next few years, make sure to watch out for him in grown up sci-fi film the Circle with Tom Hanks and Emma Watson. Less lightsabers and aliens, more terrifying tale about the dangers of the internet.

Trend: Nude

Trend: Sandstorm

We’re trying to bring on the lighter days of spring early by going lighter with our colours. For SS16 we are championing pales and nudes as the must-have palette, seen in co-ordinating streetwear with relaxed silhouettes and slouchy fits. Where’s this trend come from? Megalomaniac Kanye West, believe it or not. But don’t tell him, it’ll only go to his head.

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Food: Kebabs

Food: Kebabs

Burgers are dead, long live the kebab. Now no longer banished to the drunken 4am order that’s drenched in garlic sauce, kebabs are going through a foodie renaissance. Central London’s newly opened Le Bab is our top pick. But what actually makes a kebab decent? The owner’s reveal their secrets…



What makes a good kebab?



Above all else, the same as any great dish: brilliant ingredients. It’s impossible to make good food without the right produce. Quality meats, properly reared, and seasonal (preferably organic) vegetables that are bursting with flavour get you most of the way there. A proper charcoal or wood grill is also very important for the smoky, caramelised flavour of the meat. And of course a loving chef!



What makes a bad kebab?



Bad ingredients! If you start with low grade, factory-farmed meat, limp force-grown vegetables, industrial garlic mayo from a bucket, you can’t make anything good. Even if Heston Blumenthal’s cooking, it’s just not possible to make great food from such loveless ingredients. 



What must everyone try on the menu? 



Our pig’s head. It’s fun to share, and such a punchy, satisfying combination of flavours. The cheek meat is soft and unctuous, the crackling is beautifully crispy, the vegetables are fresh and crunchy, and the pomegranate glaze is a big sweet, sour, umami hit.


Open Now On Carnaby Street, London

Designer: Wales Bonner

Designer: Wales Bonner

The British menswear designer was the talking point of London Collections Men thanks to her amazing crushed velvet and flared tailoring pieces, inspired by the portrayal of black men in 19th century paintings. Want to know more? Here’s some quick fire answers from the woman herself…



How did you first get into fashion?



I took part in a fashion futures competition at school when I was 16.


Best era for fashion and why?



The twenties and seventies.



What’s your favourite current trend?






Favourite style icon?  



James Baldwin.



Most memorable moment from your time at Saint Martins? 



The final BA Show.



What’s your advice to emerging designers?



Stay true. Be ambitious.



What are your plans for 2016?



I have a research trip to India in February and also a residency in Senegal at the Josef Albers Foundation. 



Band: Hinds

Band: Hinds

Phil Spector style garage rock played by four girls from Spain. Even without hearing a song, you know these guys are going to be insane. Their debut album Leave Me Alone is out now and they’ll be touring all around Europe for the next few months, so catch them in the smaller venues before they upgrade to stadium status.

Album Out Now

Drink: Cocktails

Drink: Cocktails

Craft beer is great, but after 6 pints your belly begins to look like it’s in its sixth month of pregnancy. That’s where cocktails come in. No, not the stereotypical Sex on the Beach, we’re talking cool, manly cocktails. We’re highlighting London Underground based bar Cahoots and their cocktail Bull Shot, made with Russian Standard Vodka, cider and meat broth. Yes, MEAT. But if that’s too obscure (or if you’re a veggie), then we suggest a classic Old Fashioned made with a premium bourbon like Knob Creek or Maker’s Mark.

TV show: Preacher

Walking Dead network AMC are taking the cult graphic novel Preacher and developing it for the small screen (because movies are overrated nowadays), with actor Seth Rogen on writing duties for the pilot. It’ll follow Jesse Custer, a tortured preacher in Texas who finds himself possessed by an entity called Genesis which allows him to command the obedience of anyone. Add in an Irish vampire played by This Is England’s Joe Gilgun and you’ve got one hell of a show.

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