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New York Street Style

By Jacob Corner, Junior Digital Editor | Oct 2016

Pizza or chicken shop? Rats or foxes? Brooklyn or Hackney? London and New York might be superficially pretty similar but when it comes down to style, they’re worlds apart.



That got us thinking – we should do a 1 vs 1 battle royale, a clash of two of the world’s greatest cities, a definitive answer to the question of which is better dressed, but then we thought hasn’t there been enough conflict between our two great nations? Instead, why not offer the olive branch of friendship to our transcontinental cousins and see if there’s something we could learn from each other?



Also, London would have won anyway so why bother.


See London Street Style

Band Tees

Buyer beware: if you don’t actually like the band whose tee you’re rocking, you run the risk of getting caught in a conversation about, say, Van Halen’s live albums in a pub smoking area. They look great though and couldn’t be more on-trend.

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A favourite in Topman’s London office, the sportswear trend lets you look cool and pretend you’ve dressed up. There are lots of ways to make this work – whether you just want to throw together sports and smarts or go all in like these guys did, this is a new paradigm for casual dressing.

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These New Yorkers show how to make modern utility work in the sun. Focus on finding similar washed out tones and pairing them up with each other, letting the difference between the two colours bring out the best in each of them.

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It was a bold designer who saw a mechanic at the kwik-fit and thought that was a good look but you know what… it’s not half bad. We’re not going to pretend it’s easy to pull off but come 2020 we’ll probably all be wearing them.

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We’ve talked about nu-grunge before – it takes a little bit of the classic 90s style but keeps it fresh with contemporary fabrics. Key styling tip: tie your jacket, sweatshirt or overshirt around your waist.

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Statement Jackets

Statement jackets are something NY and London can agree on. Whether they’re embroidered, longline, patched, or whatever, they’re what you need to hunt down this season to make your wardrobe work.

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