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New Trend Hyper Real Accessories cta New Trend Hyper Real

Hyper Real might be about wearing colour but that doesn’t mean you have to be decked out like a Pantone colour chart. Keep things low key by restricting your tone of choice to an accessory like a vivid hat or scarf.

New Trend Hyper Real Layering cta New Trend Hyper Real

Forget tonal – when layering consign your standard greys, blacks and navys to the bottom of your wardrobe and go with a burst of strong colour instead. Neutral colours will still form the backbone of your look, you’ll just be combining them with vibrant pieces that add some depth to your outfit.

New Trend Hyper Real Stripes cta New Trend Hyper Real

Stripes are back this season in a big way. Instead of just sticking with a classic black and white, broaden your horizons with this bold coloured stripe jumper.

New Trend Hyper Real Sweats cta New Trend Hyper Real

It’s time to stop being such a wuss about wearing strong colours. Pieces like this lemon yellow sweatshirt will inject colour into your look when worn under a jacket during the winter before making a real statement when worn on their own in the spring.