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Moskva skate intro img Moskva skate intro img

By Jacob Corner, Junior Digital Editor | Feb 2017

It’s only January but 2017’s biggest trend is already here and it’s Moskva Skate. If you want proof, you just need to look at the skate-inspired pieces the fashion world wore to the big shows in London, Milan and Paris this January. We get it, some of the looks at fashion week can be a bit much but when it comes to trends these guys know what’s up. It’s their job. So if you want to see how to work Moskva Skate into your wardrobe, you’ll want to see how this lot are doing it:


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Moskva Skate 1 Moskva Skate 1


What with denim’s workwear heritage, keeping yours pristine is missing the point. Moskva Skate’s rough and ready, grungy attitude lends itself well to bashed up and beaten denim, whether that’s a patched up jacket or a distressed pair of jeans.

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Moskva Skate 2 Moskva Skate 2

The humble hoodie has experienced a high fashion revolution. When it comes to styling yours it’s hardly rocket science – just pop it on under a mac, a bomber, a denim jacket, whatever. This fashion thing is easier than it looks.

Moskva Skate 3 Moskva Skate 3

Joggers aren’t just for helping you with your New Year’s Resolutions. They should be your go-to trousers this winter – for extra style points try tucking yours into your socks to keep your sneakers in the spotlight.

Moskva Skate 4 Moskva Skate 4

Outerwear is where Moskva Skate separates itself from a more traditional skater style. Instead of a bomber, look to jackets with a more interesting texture like a faux fur or a shearling trim.

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Moskva Skate 5 Moskva Skate 5

The ‘Moscow’ part of Movska Skate rears its head in the logos, slogans and typefaces you can work into your look. Try to get your hands on something with a bit of Cyrillic lettering as a finishing touch, whether it’s printed on a scarf or the back of your jacket.


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