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Who better to talk about the stages of getting married than someone who is actually getting married? Introducing Denny Balaceda, the impeccably stylish editor of New York menswear blog Look Rich, Shop Cheap. Since he’s tying the knot later this year, Topman has recruited him to guide us all through the perfect execution of a proposal right through to honeymoon style and destinations.

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When did you decide to pop the question?


I was sure that I wanted to marry Gia from the beginning but I waited until closer to the year mark before I bought the ring. I knew that I would propose to her on our vacation because we would be visiting a place that meant a lot to her and I wanted the proposal to be personal to her and for us.


Did you get traditional and ask her father’s permission?


I asked Gia's mother for permission over dinner. I was very nervous but also felt comfortable with her as I am very close with her immediate family. I lost my mother unexpectedly over a year ago and I became very close to Gia's mom after that. I explained that I considered her like a second mother and she was very supportive of our marriage.


Where do you event start when choosing a ring?


Gia and I are very open with each other and as we discussed the idea of getting married, she began informally ring shopping. Gia's two best friends were also speaking about getting engaged so I knew the girls were always ring shopping for each other and I used their help inform my decision.

Gia had favored an antique emerald and diamond ring at a local store and I knew she was serious when she mentioned that she might splurge and buy it for herself. I bought the ring and soon after, Gia went back into the shop looking for it. Little did she know, the ring was already hers.

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Let’s get down to business. How did you propose?


I always knew where I would propose. Gia is an insane Mrs. Doubtfire fan. It's quite shocking how much she loves that movie. For this reason, she always wanted to travel to San Francisco to visit the house from the movie. Sadly, Robin Williams passed away last August and Gia was crushed. It was then that I knew I would take her to the Doubtfire house and propose there.


How about the outfit?


I was very casual the day of our proposal. I was just wearing jeans and a hat. I didn't think too much about what I needed to wear. I just wanted to feel relaxed.


Did you have a speech planned?


I didn't but I had a bit of a gist. That’s all I’m saying!


We’ve got to ask - would you have done anything differently?


I wouldn't have changed a thing.

What advice would you give to any guys who are planning on proposing?


I think the most important thing to consider when planning a proposal is:


 1. Make sure it's the right ring. I see so many rings that are terribly generic and don't seem to fit the girl's personality. Get her friends' input, ask her for styles she likes and don’t be afraid to look at antique rings, as they have depth and character. Also, the ring doesn't have to be a diamond but it does need to be as special as your lady.


2. Make sure the proposal is unique to you two as a couple. If you are avid hikers, do it on a hike. If you guys love your dog, include him in it somehow. The proposal should be personal to you as a couple. When we speak about our proposal everyone who knows us says the same thing, "That is SO you." It was.


3. Make sure you choose the right partner. I feel like Gia is the most beautiful girl in the world and right now, our life is passionate and spontaneous. It may not always be so but that's not why I am marrying her. I am marrying her because there's no one I'd rather go grocery shopping with, she's my favorite person to stay up late and watch movies with, she's the person I turn to when I am in trouble. Long after the sexiness of a relationship fades, your life partner will be the person you raise kids with, pay bills with and take care of when sick. Make sure the person you ask is the one you're excited to spend all those moments with.

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