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London Street Style: The Capital’s 6 Biggest Trends

By Jacob Corner, Junior Digital Editor | Jan 2017

Needed more proof that London is the coolest city in the world? You got it at LFWM. As the biggest names and the biggest brands all descended on the city, we got a sneak peek at how everyone is going to be dressing in 2017. If you want to get ahead of the game, you’ll want to start dressing like this:

London Street Style 1 London Street Style 1

Combats: Evolved

Getting all camo’d up doesn’t mean you have to look like a TA wannabe. The mixing and matching of different camos, layering them on top of each other is the next step in the evolution of camouflage style. Look to layer camo under your outerwear or clash green camouflage trousers with a desert style jacket.

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Get Patched Up

We hate to say we told you so but… we told you so. Smugness aside, badging and patching has become a new obsession for the style obsessed, whether they’re doing it themselves or buying it ready made.

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London Street Style 2 London Street Style 2

Terrace Clobber

The definitive proof that money can’t buy taste, footballers have always been the worst dressed members of the cultural firmament. So when we say football is in fashion we don’t mean bloated tie knots, preposterously large diamond earrings and increasingly suspect haircuts. Instead, this is about incorporating classic football symbols into your style – vintage shirts, track jackets and scarves are all acceptable.

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Looking Sheepish

We told you shearling was going to be a big thing – maybe you listened, maybe you didn’t. But if you needed definitive proof, it came at LFWM this year where there was an excess of the stuff. Worn with everything from suits to sportswear, shearling was the big winner when it came to outerwear.

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London Street Style 3 London Street Style 3

Pick ‘n’ Mix

This isn’t a styling tip as much as it is a new paradigm for how to dress. Where once you’d only wear sportswear with sportswear and smarts with smarts, this season has seen us transition towards a more permissive ‘anything goes’ attitude. If you want to make this work, the only way to do it is trial and error. Remember, if it looks good it looks good, forget the rules.

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Tinkered Tailoring

If fashion was a stock exchange and Topman were traders, we’d have been shouting ‘BUY’ on sportswear and selling all our suiting stock like there was a run on Saville Row. Turns out we called it wrong. The death of the suit may have been greatly exaggerated but in our defence, it’s been revived as something very different. This is about suiting with personality, wearing bold colours, strong prints and accessories to create a look that’s unique to you.

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