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London Street Style

By Jacob Corner, Junior Digital Editor | Oct 2016

Pizza or chicken shop? Rats or foxes? Brooklyn or Hackney? London and New York might be superficially pretty similar but when it comes down to style, they’re worlds apart.



London isn’t known for its great weather but there’s one (admittedly small) upside as a result – we’re great when it comes to outerwear. If you’re looking for the freshest coats and jackets in the newest styles, this is the place to be. But hey, if you’re lucky enough to be living somewhere that isn’t constantly cold and grey, you might want to check out New York for some lightweight approaches to autumn dressing instead. 

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Embroidery is what makes a standard jacket a great one. Already seen this season and last season on souvenir jackets, it’s now popping up on all types of silhouette, transforming tired shapes into statement pieces

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Keep an eye out for modern utility, a trend that combines classic military pieces with tonal layering. To really make the look work, you’re going to need to get your hands on outerwear with a clear military influence – think bomber jackets and field jackets.

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It’s all too easy to avoid using bold colours – when greys, blacks and navys work so well together, why would you bother? But if you want your look to have an impact, you’re going to need to start expanding your palette.

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Playing with proportion is always a good way to make your style stand out and this season it looks like longline is the way to go. When you’ve got your hands on a full-length jacket look to cropped trousers or raw hem jeans to tie it all together.

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Bomber Update

Yeah, yeah, we don’t stop banging on about them but there’s a reason for that – bombers have transcended just being a timeless piece of utilitarian outerwear to being a canvas that caters to every possible style.

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This trend is up next. The clear successor to distressed denim, patchwork jackets and jeans are reminiscent of the Japanese tradition of ‘Boro’ where textiles are repaired across generations. Remember, the more battered the better.

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