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London Street Style

By Jamie Carson, Junior Digital Editor | July 2016

Not a lot of people look each other in the eye in London for fear of awkwardness or feeling some kind of emotion other than hate. But they should, because there’s a lot of cutting edge trends to take in around the capital, as we see here in this edition of men’s street style shot by the Urban Spotter.

Punk img Punk img




DIY leather jackets, statement checks, black boots…if everyone was spitting and fighting instead of taking selfies we swear it could be 1977. Although the flame of punk will never be as fully ferocious as it was during that iconic decade, nothing really brings out cool rebellious subcultures quite like political and economic instability. *COUGHS Brexit COUGHS*.

Bandanas & Neck Scarves img Bandanas & Neck Scarves img





Bandanas & Neck Scarves

A simple and cost effective way to transform any outfit. If you’re wearing a suit, ditch the tie and wear a neck scarf as an alternative wedding guest accessory. If you’re looking to add substance to your old denim jacket, tie a bandana around the collar for a nod to classic workwear. If you spill your coffee in an Uber, use it as a towel to avoid a fine.

Varsity Statements img Varsity Statements img



Varsity Statements

We all know that souvenir jackets are the lightweight layer of the season, but for those days you feel like you don’t want a massive embroidered tiger on your back, a varsity inspired jacket would make a good alternative. We’ve seen many examples of this on the street, from numbered designs to paint splashes to shiny textures, there’s many ways to own this style and make it your own.

Camo img Camo img






The best thing about this trend is that you’ll most likely have something in camo already, as it pops up in trends constantly. Whether it’s pair of shorts you haven’t pulled out for years or a jacket from when you went through your Bear Grylls phase, camo has reclaimed its crown and is one of this summer’s biggest prints, appearing in everything from skate to smart wear.

Slogans img Slogans img






Whether you want to show off a pop culture statement or an up-and-coming brand name or to let people know that you and ‘bae’ are ‘goals’ (whatever that means), simplicity is key this season when it comes to tees and hoodies with prints being swapped for large streetwear slogans.

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