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LCM Style Tribes

By Daniel Copley, Digital Editor | June 2015

People-watching, whatever the context, is generally entertaining. Mix in a fashion crowd and it gets even better. At LCM, if you take a minute to look around at menswear’s movers and shakers, you’ll be simultaneously impressed, amused and WTF-ed. To show you what we mean – whether you’re an LCM veteran or a first-timer – check out our analysis of the five types of guy you’re most likely to see at London Collections Men.

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WTF is he wearing?! Actually he looks kind of cool. No, hang on, what IS he wearing?! This is the kind of internal debate you should expect when you first catch sight of The Over-The-Top Blogger. From certain angles, his outfit can look like a daring-yet-impressive expression of next season’s emerging trends, but from other angles – most angles – he looks like he should be sectioned. The OTT Blogger doesn’t actually have any show invitations, but he’s an optimist and expert networker…and the crushing irony of the situation is that if you work in fashion, this guy will probably be your boss in 5 years time.

























Think it’s odd to see a furrow-browed neo-Victorian dandy strolling the streets of central London in 2015? Think again, because at LCM The Peacock is a fairly common species. This guy struts around outside The Old Sorting Office looking generally businesslike, smelling like vintage mahogany and wearing unnaturally immaculate tailoring. Fortunately, these chaps are generally friendly fellows unless – and we can’t emphasise this point enough – you step between them and the street style photographer that’s inevitably papping them. You have been warned.

The show pro















This is the man you want to be at LCM. He oozes credibility, gets front row and is probably a buyer for some achingly cool Japanese brand that you’ll never enquire about because you’re embarrassed you don’t already know it. 'Oh, yeah, DKI Kenobu, yeah mate, I love their stuff.' A genuine influencer, The Show Pro glides around the streets of central London, illuminating hundreds of Instagram feeds as he goes, before getting ushered into the shows ahead of all the hopefuls in the queue. Hats off to The Show Pro.
























For every regular guy at London Collections Men, there are 16 street style photographers. Walk around long enough and you get to know their different styles – from those that shoot from the hip without looking at you to those that jump out from behind lampposts with their SLR glued to their face. However, it’s worth noting that LCM is essentially like harvest time for these savvy snappers – early mornings, late nights, long hours but with a big payday afterwards.




















Wherever there’s a fully functioning show / celeb-filled launch party / series of well-executed show reports, you can be sure there’s a Knackered Intern somewhere in the background. This guy survives on Pret 99p filter coffees and gets paid only in back issues of GQ magazine, but still works 18 hour days. Typically spotted with his hood up and huge bags under his eyes – the Knackered Intern is, in reality, the heartbeat of lots of the activity at LCM, which is quite impressive for a bloke that’s shaking so much.