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Latest Trend: Modern Utility

By Jacob Corner, Junior Digital Editor | Sept 2016

Driven by normal men, supported by streetwear brands and now adopted by luxury fashion, Modern Utility is the trend you’re probably already wearing – you just don’t know it yet.

Looking in fashion mags can be a bit baffling, when you see guys that don’t look like you wearing things you’d never think of wearing. A lot of the trends that come out of high fashion are often totally counter to what we choose to wear ourselves, where we blend style with necessity. But it’s not always the catwalk that decides what’s cool - in the case of modern utility the trend has evolved organically.



With suits increasingly a thing of the past in the office, menswear has changed to meet the demands that have emerged in our lives. Modern Utility has come out of the need for men to have robust clothes they could wear every day, that would work whether they’re at a house party, out on a date or in the office – it reflects a change in tastes and lifestyle.

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But how do you take the style to the next level? Its practical nature means it isn’t about buying one flash piece, it’s about how you combine the clothes you have and buying key items that make everything you already own look better. The essential piece is something you already have: white trainers. Wear them with cuffed jeans or khakis to get you bottom half locked down.



For your tops and outerwear, this is about using complementary washed-out tones to get the best from every layer. Texture is also key – putting soft jersey against technical nylon and robust cotton will create interest in your look whilst retaining the trend’s understated heart.

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