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Korea Street Style

By Jamie Carson, Junior Digital Editor | July 2016

South Korea – the place where trends are trends before they’re even trends. If you didn’t get that extremely intelligible and well-structured description, Korea is where a lot of designers go to find inspiration, because there’s a lot of experimental, avant-garde style on the streets. So if you want to discover the next big look, you’ve came to the right place.


Photo credit: Kyung Hoon Kim

DIY Denim img DIY Denim img



DIY Denim

Koreans seem to be the Einsteins of modifying denim into something completely unique. Turning your jeans inside out and wearing them…what kind of sorcery is that?! Chaotic patchwork was a recurring theme, but if you’re lacking in the sewing skills department, taking a pair of scissors to your denim is still a key grunge look.

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Workwear img Workwear img






Although it’s nothing new, gilets, khaki chinos and chunky, sturdy boots still have a place in the world of workwear when they have a premium feel about them. But not in the upper class farmer sort of way Mumford & Sons did a few years ago, so no need to revert back to rapidly strummed banjos…just stick to your house music.

Athleisure img Athleisure img




The combination of casual sportswear with high fashion statements is the ethos of this look e.g. denim jackets with technical shorts, placement prints on hoodies. This is a great meeting point for those who favour one look over the other but want to try something in-between, and also a great excuse to wear joggers out to dinner.

T-Shirt Layering img T-Shirt Layering img





T-Shirt Layering

An MTV generation uniform that we thought had been long forgotten. Wearing long sleeve tees underneath t-shirts and short sleeve shirts should logically be left in early episodes of the O.C., but here they’ve been reworked with a cooler skating brand aesthetic that brings it into modern times.

Short Sleeve Prints img Short Sleeve Prints img





Short Sleeve Prints

One of the easiest trends of the summer to invest into, as it can be as simple as wearing what you normally do and then just placing a statement print shirt on top – job done. The choice is endless for these kind of prints at the moment, so whether you’d like to go minimal with a hushed floral or completely out there with bright palm trees, there’s always something to suit your style.

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